Every aspect of our boys’ lives is affected by systemic racism – from being negatively labeled, devalued, isolated and neglected in school to the over-incarceration of their fathers, uncles, and brothers. Life Pieces offers a safe sanctuary for the Black boys and young men growing up in Washington, DC’s most poverty-stricken and volatile neighborhoods.


At Life Pieces, we are changing how Black boys see themselves; we are changing how the world sees Black boys and young men; and our Black boys and young men are helping the world discover our shared humanity.


LPTM serves boys living in DC’s most underserved Ward 7 and 8 neighborhoods, plagued by concentrated poverty and lack of cultural exposure. Over 90% of our families qualify for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. 100% of our youth are economically disadvantaged, and every aspect of their lives is affected by systemic racism.

LPTM offers our young men a safe sanctuary where they discover and activate their innate, creative potential to navigate through obstacles and injustices. As our young men grow, they become strong Black male role models for their peers, together building confidence as young men able to contribute to the lives of others and to excel.

Creating Art… Changing Lives.

With love, security, and expression, each of us can become a masterpiece.