Life Skills for Teens

The need for after school training is critically important for high school age students to keep them on track and prepared for the challenges of the real world of training, school and employment. Life Pieces To Masterpieces offers a five hour program three Saturdays per week for African American young men attending high school to develop important life skills.

College and Work Preparedness

Students are introduced to our unique character-building curriculum, LPTM Human Development System and participate in a series of workshops focusing on the development of important life skills for college bound students, including:

  • Resume writing
  • Mock interview training
  • Essay writing
  • Financial management
  • Study skills
  • College preparedness

Discussion Themes

Saturday Academy classes are organized around themes such as:

  • Giving/Philanthropy
  • Leadership and Purpose
  • Loving/Being a Gentleman
  • Arts and Artists
  • Language and Premise
  • Meditation

Outcomes for Saturday Academy Graduates

Young men who complete the program receive a certificate of completion and have the tools to begin a successful transition to college or vocational training.

Each student leaves Life Pieces To Masterpieces Saturday Academy with:

  • An increased understanding of himself (goals, passions, personal story)
  • Completion of an oral presentation
  • A set of goals and a plan for achieving
  • A portfolio, including a reflection journal, goal setting guides, a personal elevator speech, resume and cover letter, a college essay for admission

Interested in joining Saturday Academy? Fill out the enrollment form below and email to Loretta Curry, Director of Programs and Education, at

Saturday Academy Application

Creating Art… Changing Lives.

With love, security, and expression, each of us can become a masterpiece.