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Amaya, the "Made in Australia" games

If you are passionate about Casino, it may be interesting to know the story and specialties of the big names in online game design. This will allow you to easily identify the most interesting sites and to be uncomfortable on the best games. In this article, we look at the case of Amaya, a particularity company to be based in Australia. Here are its strengths:

  • With more than fifteen years of existence, Amaya is a company that has proven itself.
  • It provides the software of the largest sites of online poker in the world.
  • It offers a wide catalog of slot machines and table games.

A little story of Amaya

Even if you have never heard of Amaya, you probably have already played one of the games designed by this key player in the online silver games sector. Amaya, which is also known as Amaya Gaming or Amaya Gaming Group, is a Australian company that was created in 2000. It is now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and is installed in the suburbs of Montreal.

Amaya develops casino game software, as well for online casinos worldwide and traditional play rooms. But Amaya does not confess to the games in themselves: the company offers all kinds of services to online casino operators, such as, for example, transaction management, assistance and management solutions. In August 2014, Amaya succeeded a big shot: the company redeemed the Rational Group, which holds in particular the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker sites, which allowed him to win on the online poker scene.

The benefits of Amaya

Playing on a casino that has chosen Amaya is interesting to more than one title. First of all, you have the guarantee of playing equitable and quality games, designed in Australia by a society that no longer has to prove its seriousness and reliability. You also enjoy Amaya's know-how, which has existed for more than fifteen years and has been a team of excellent developers.

The Amaya casinos also offer valuable guarantees for legality. The Australian Society Games are offered by legal operators around the world. These include in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Malta, Ireland and Greece, but also in Quebec and Ontario. Wherever they are based, Amaya casinos are allowed in Australia, and you can play it legally.

Amaya Stars Games

Even though online poker is Amaya's specialty, the company has more than one turn in its bag. It also develops sports and casino software. On its website, you will find all of its catalog, divided into several categories: slot machines, table games, progressive jackpot games, video poker, and Mobile games.

Next to poker, slot machines are probably the best-known games of Amaya. Among the stars titles include "King Kong, Zombie Rush", "Merlin's Millions", "Magic Gems", "Monkey In The Bank" or "White Buffalo". Amaya's progressive machines are less famous than microgaming, but you may have played "Forrest Gump", "Captain Nemo", "Rags to Rich", "Wonder Woman" or "Superman" . On the side of the table games, we find all the big essentials, like craps, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and poker, in several different variants. Finally, a number of Amaya games are designed in HTML5 and are therefore compatible with tablets and mobiles; This is particularly the case for "King Kong" slot machines, "White Buffalo", "Lost Temple", "Siberian Siren", "So Hot" or "Bars and Bells".

We casinos amaya favoris

Our portrait of the company Amaya convinced you? The next step, for you is to test his games. The good news is that we chewed you work by selecting the best Amaya Casinos on the Web. On these sites, you can enjoy the seriousness and know-how of Amaya, and thus put all the cards on your side to make sparks to slot machines and on the roulette, blackjack and poker tables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, we bet you have still! It's good: experts answer below those our readers often ask us.

Amaya, what is it?

Amaya is a Australian company based in Montreal, which designs money game software for online casino sites since 2000.

What does AMAYA propose to online casino players?

A wide selection of games. AMAYA does in diversity: the company has thus to its assets classic casino games, slot machines, sports bets, Fantasy league games, and games specially designed for mobiles.

What are Amaya's stars titles?

Online poker is probably the flagship of the Amaya catalog since the company has bought Rational Group, a company specializing in online poker networks. On the Casino Games side include Angel's Touch machines, Captain Nemo, Amazon Adventures, Cash Inferno or Cash & Clovers. Amaya table games are also excellent quality.

On which sites can we find the games signed Amaya?

A number of online casino operators have chosen excellent Amaya software, and you should not have too much trouble finding a Amaya casino.

What types can we win?

The Amaya Games offer both classic jackpots and progressive jackpots. These generally concern slot machines and poker video games, and are very high. The reverse of the medal is that they are difficult to touch.

What are the differences between Amaya and his competitors?

The main advantage of Amaya, in our opinion, is the fact that it is the most famous developer of Australia Casino software. OPTER for a Amaya casino allows you to enjoy 100% Australian games, designed by a leading player in the online casino sector.

Are Amaya Games safe and reliable?

Yes of course. Security and regulation are very important points for Australian society, which certifies and control its software by serious authorities.