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Our Casino Guide 2022 online with American Express

American Express cards are not just the most prestigious credit cards in the world: they also open the doors of online casinos. Armed with your AMEX online card, you can play roulette, blackjack and slot machines with real money.

Before trying your luck, read our AMERICAN EXPRESS accepting casino guide carefully. You will find the excellent advice of our silver game specialists, as well as a selection of the best sites of 2022. These offer you:

  • A wide selection of table games and slot machines.
  • Ultra-secure deposits and withdrawals with the American Express Card.
  • Effective customer service and available 24 hours a day.

AMEX: From the transport of funds to the online casino

The American Express has made the way since 1841, the date of its foundation in New York State. Originally, the financial enterprise devoted itself only to the transport of funds. But at the end of the 19th century, it diversifies its activities by launching its travel checks, the famous "Travelers Checks". The first American Express cards will appear much later, in the 1950s, imposing themselves as prestigious cards, dedicated to well-stocked portfolios.

Today, the AMEX Bank of Australia, which is based in Markham, Ontario, offers a range of payment and credit cards. Whether you have opted for the platinum, gold, or prestige card, you can make your purchases on all Merchant sites accepting Amex. You can also Make a deposit on a casino Via American Express, provided you find a reliable and secure site. Note that on some betting sites, the American Express credit card can serve as a Prestige Casino card, even if this option is for the moment not widespread.

How to make a deposit with Amex

Whether you use a PC or mobile, deposits made via AMEX on an online casino in Australia are as fast as secure. This is what is the strength of this processor. Discover in a few quick steps how to deposit money.

  1. Get your AMEX card
  2. The services offered by American Express Online are as diverse as the types of cards it offers. Get yourself the one that best suits your need.

  3. Go to the Bank page of your online casino
  4. Generally, the Bank page is clearly visible on the platform of any good online casino. It will be enough for you to access them in a few clicks.

  5. Opt for American Express
  6. Once you are on the Case page, you will need to choose the American Express option for your deposit. You will not have any difficulty in doing so, since usually, the logo of the brand is the first displayed.

  7. Enter the required information
  8. At this level you will need to enter the information on your card - the number, security code and expiration date - and define the amount you want to deposit. A confirmation message will be sent to you so that you confirm the payment, and the turn will be played.

How to make a withdrawal with Amex

When you play and you win, it is normal to want to remove your money, and do it on an online casino of Australia where the American Express card is accepted is a real breeze. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Go to the bank section
  2. Just like during the deposits, it's at the Bank page you need to go for your withdrawals. Once you are, click on the withdrawal option.

  3. Choose the Amex option
  4. AMEX being available for both deposits and withdrawals, you will only have to choose it. Keep in mind, however, that your account data must be the same as those entered during the deposit. It's a safe requirement.

  5. Define the amount to be removed
  6. Before defining the amount to be removed, make sure to know the maximum withdrawal limit imposed by the site. It usually goes up to $ 100,000 and can even exceed this number. Anyway, it's an important information to have.

  7. Validate the operation
  8. Once the three stages mentioned above are crossed, you only have to start the operation. Withdrawals via Amex are usually approved after 24 hours in weeks, but banking procedures are that you will sometimes wait up to 5 business days before touching your money.

Safety first

In 2022, many Internet users are still reluctant to use their credit cards on an online casino. They are understandable because all merchant sites do not work with adequate security measures. That's why we selected for you the best AMEX online casino sites; Operators who truly rely on security. If, however, this warranty is not enough, we advise you to subscribe to the "SafeKey" service offered by the American company. At each online payment, a secret code will be sent to you by email. Without this code, that you will be the only one to know, no payment!

Focus on the best Casinos Accepting American Express Online

Unlike MasterCard and Visa cards that are present on all online casinos, American Express cards do not benefit from the same popularity. Nevertheless, they are supported by a large number of institutions, and we are happy to recommend the best of them.

These sites, which are all legal in Australia, allow you to play hundreds of computer games, smartphone and tablet, and offer promotions as well as generous welcome bonuses. Customer service to payment methods through equity and security, AMEX online casino sites that we have selected in 2022 have made a fault. So, go quickly discover and try your luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before tasking your credit card on an online casino where the American Express card is accepted and putting funds on your account, read our FAQ. Our experts answering questions that our Australian readers ask us regularly.

Can I bet with American Express on online casinos?

Yes it's possible. The American Express card can be used to access Online Money Games. at the time of payment, click the american express logo: you will then have to indicate your card number and expiry date ... and that's it!

Are deposits and withdrawals fast?

Deposits on a casino via American Express are very fast, and you can start play with real money in just a few seconds. with respect to withdrawals, this can take 24 horrs to several days.

Is the American Express card accepted by many casinos?

Unfortunately no. In Australia as everywhere else, few operators support the American Express Credit Card. To help you find the ideal site, in 2022, we searched for The best casinos acceptant american express.

Can we use American Express online cards safely?

Yes of course ! AMEX is a well-established reputation company, which puts a point of honor to ensure the safety of its customers. Obviously, it is often on the side of the casinos that the building hurts. Opt for One of the sites of our selection to make a safe choice, or subscribe to the "safekey" option, which allows yor to enhance the security of yorr purchases online throrgh a single-use secret code.

Are my confidential data protected?

It depends. There are several casinos that do not hesitate to subtilize the data of their customers, or who do not put in place the necessary security measures. to avoid this problem, register on one of the amex online casinos that we have tested and approved.

Should we pay fees on American Express Casinos?

The best virtual casinos do not charge fees on deposits, or very little. Many sites, however, charge fees on withdrawals. Since these can be important, Find out before creating an account at an operator.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of American Express?

The American Express card has the advantage of being extremely safe, providing high quality customer service, and allow quick transactions. However, being less expanding than visa networks or Mastercardit is accepted by relatively fewer online casinos.