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Bally, a pioneer of the universe of casinos

When you want to play slot machines online or any other game on an online casino, it is better to know a little bit of the specialties and assets of companies that imagine and design the titles available on the web. In this article, we introduce you Bally, an American company that, after conquering the casinos of Las Vegas, is party to the assault on the internet.

Here are three good reasons to choose a Bally online casino:

  • With 85 years of existence, Bally is a real pioneer of the casino.
  • The company specializes in the design of the best games of money, including high quality slot machines.
  • Over time, Bally's online money games have been proven and have shown their reliability.

Back on the story of Bally

The story of Bally begins in 1931 in the United States. Originally, the company specializes in the manufacture of ball machines, but, over the years, it diversifies its activities, doing in Australian and international machines, video games, and even discount clubs fit and amusement parks. In 1996, she knew a size upheaval, when it is redeemed by Advanced Gaming, who wishes to compete with IgT slot machines in American casinos. Bally is divided into three subsidiaries: Bally Gaming, Bally Systems and Bally Wulff. The first two subsidiaries will merge two years later to give birth to Bally Gaming and Systems.

To win in the casinos world, Bally Gaming and Systems focused on the innovation and design of the best gambling games. Thus in 1999, the exit of "trillions", a slot machine with progressive jackpot, is a success. After "Betty Boop", the game comes in "blondie" and "Popeye" version. In 2007, Bally celebrates its 75th anniversary, and turned resolutely internationally, with the opening of offices in Amsterdam, Chennai and Bangalore. In 2014, the fate of the company again entrusted to new hands. This time, these are those of Scientific Games, specializing in lottery and sports betting, who buys it for some $ 3.27 million.

Bally casinos and their assets

Bally is a secure value in the world of casinos, online and offline. It's a company that has contributed, with IGT and others, to make Australian and worldwide machines what they are today. Playing on a Bally Casino, so it is first of all to take advantage of this unique know-how, which is expressed by a catalog of titles of an irreproachable quality. But beware: even if Bally is 85 years old, its online money games use the latest technologies.

By the way, Bally offers progressive jackpot slot machines, which are highly appreciated by players around the world. With a little luck, so you can win very big jackpots. Also, if you have already attended Las Vegas casinos or even casinos Québec Which propose the best silver games, you have certainly already played Bally's productions. You will find their versions online with pleasure!

Bally's most famous online money games

On the game side, Bally made in the classic. In its catalog, you will find very few games inspired by the latest superProductions Hollywood or the latest fashionable television series. This does not mean that his online game games are boring, quite the opposite! You can go on an idyllic island with "Alpha Island", find the clinking lights of Las Vegas with "Big Vegas", discover the Havana under a new day with "Havana Cubana", or immerse yourself in the mystery of China old with "double dragon".

Our Bally Favorite Casinos

The success of online casinos has had perverse effects, including the appearance of hundreds of unregulated and illegal operators. These sites are often pure and simple scams, and they drove Internet users by promising their hawst bonuses. To not make you have, the best thing to do is simply consult our list of the best online casinos offering SLOT MACHINES Bally.

If these sites have seduced us, it is not for nothing. In addition to playing the most lucrative online slot machines and having very supplied game catalogs, they offer really interesting bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs, as well as applications and Mobile quality platforms. Safety side, they are irreproachable, and you can play your favorite online money games without fear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our readers are never short of questions regarding online gambling. And it falls well, because we always have the answers they need!

Bally, what is it?

Bally is an American company that came into 1931. Yes, almost a century! After imposing itself in Las Vegas casinos, the developer launched, in the 1990s, in the design of online money games.

What Bally Games Can I play online?

Bally offers above all machines. The company specializes in classic games: it does not do in the foil, but in quality. You can play, online, traditional slot machines or progressive jackpot games. Obviously, you will need to register on one of the best online casinos offering undergraduate machines.

What are the most popular games of Bally?

The most famous games of Bally are 88 fortunes, multi spin platinum, jackpot lure, hot shot revolution or cash me if you can. His game "Playboy" also wins a nice success in traditional and virtual casinos.

Where can we play Bally's online money games?

Bally is an essential name in so-called "land" casinos, Australia, Europe and the United States. We also find more and more its productions in online casinos.

What types of pool can we pick up?

The lucky winners who have decided to play Bally's online slot machines go back with classic jackpots, who can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. Know that Bally also offers very beautiful progressive jackpots, which can reach a million dollars, or even much more.

How does Bally stand out from its competitors?

Bally only in slot machines, and specializes in classic games. If you are a fan of traditional casino games, you will find your happiness in its catalog!

Are Bally's games reliable?

Yes. Do you want evidence ? Bally has 85 years of experience, its software is used by hundreds of casinos around the world, and has received numerous awards. The random numbers generators of its software are irreproachable, and the draws of Australian-Australian machines are equitable.