How to deposit money on a casino with bitcoins

Finished the time when Bitcoins were reserved for experienced Internet users, pirates and hackers: the famous cryptographic currency has been doing well since its creation in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. She lost her sulphurous reputation and democratized, for the delight of Internet users in search of an alternative to conventional currencies. Today, we can even play poker with Bitcoin, and many other casino games: keep reading to learn more about Bitcoin casinos!

Here are the main strengths you offer Jackpot City, our favorite casino, and online casino sites that accept bitcoins:

  • Fast and safe deposits, which are fully anonymous.
  • Hundreds of table games and high quality slot machines.
  • Mobile applications and platforms compatible with smartphones tablets.

Bitcoin is more than just a means of payment: it is a full currency, like the euro, the pound sterling or the dollar. Only, unlike other currencies, the bitcoin is 100% virtual, and works in a completely decentralized system. It is therefore an extremely innovative currency, which allows you to buy and sell online without calling for banks. For the online casino, it's extremely convenient!

Create your wallet

There are many ways to start paying with Bitcoins on a casino. You can first simply buy one person you know or a user: it's called "peer-to-peer" purchases. It is also possible to obtain the virtual currency on online exchange scholarships. However, we advise you another solution, which is in our sense more practical and simpler to pay with Bitcoin on an online casino: it is the Wallets, virtual portfolios in which you store bitcoins.

Wallets are actually software, compatible with computers and mobiles. Several companies offer quality wallets; For example, you can opt for BreadWallet, Coinbase, Armory, Hive, Copay and Mycelium, which are all reliable. Once your Wallet downloaded, you must feed it, choosing one of the proposed means of payment. And There you go ! You are now in possession of your valuable Bitcoin address, which will allow you to make payments on online shops and the best of the Bitcoin Casino in Australia.

Feed your casino account with bitcoin

It's beautiful to have bitcoins, but how to know how much money drop, and how to convert bitcoins into euros or dollars? The course of Bitcoin fluctuates permanently, like all currencies. Fortunately, online, you will easily find sites that explain to you how to convert Bitcoin into your country's currency. It's really not very complicated!

To play slot machines or poker with Bitcoin, you need to find an online casino that uses Bitcoin. It is not necessarily obvious because all operators do not yet accept the cryptographic currency: check out our selection to find the best Casino Bitcoin. Create your account, then fuel it by indicating the amount you want to deposit and clicking on the "Bitcoin" icon. Then enter the address of your wallet, the precious sesame that will allow you to launch the transaction. In a few minutes, you can start playing real money! To find out how to make withdrawals using Bitcoin, go to the crate of your casino, and let yourself be guided: the process is just as simple.

The benefits of bitcoins

Bitcoin is a truly except payment solution that will not be suitable for everyone. This system will appeal to demanding Internet users, who want to free themselves from banks and pay on the net in the most total anonymity. Here, to recap, the main assets of online casino sites with Bitcoin:

Line that accepts Bitcoins:

  • Payments are simple and very fast
  • Fees are non-existent or extremely low
  • You do not need to communicate your banking information
  • You pay 100% anonymous way
  • Transactions are carried out outside the banking system
  • You can deposit funds from your mobile or from your computer

What games can we play with Bitcoin?

Casino Bitcoin sites offer hundreds of games, starting with slot machines, which are still popular among Internet users. In video, classic or progressive version, you are spoiled for choice! If you prefer, you can also play traditional table games. On the menu: online poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack, but also roulette and baccarat.

You can even discover the games with live croupiers with Bitcoin. These are games animated by real croupiers, installed in studios arranged in casino rooms, which make you live the sensations of traditional casinos. These live casino games are highly appreciated by the nostalgic "hard" casinos, looking for human warmth and conviviality.

Focus on Bitcoin bonuses

On the best Casinos Bitcoin de Australia, you will also enjoy nice bonuses. These are usually a welcome bonus in euros, which you can easily convert to Bitcoins, but also parts of free slot machines and deposit bonuses. There is also another type of bonus in Bitcoins, which you can touch on "Bitcoin Faucets", or "Bitcoins faucets". These websites allow you to touch Bitcoins by playing small games. In a sense, it's free Bitcoin casino sites!

Be aware, however, that in general, Bitcoin Facets do not actually distribute bitcoins, but rather Satochi, the smallest unit of measurement: a Satochi corresponds to 0.00000001 Bitcoin. It does not look like nothing, but Bitcoin Facets bonuses can help you fuel your wallet: it's a good way to get to Bitcoin while having fun and without taking a risk. These sites are currently quite little known in Australia: more reason to enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin, what is it?

The term "bitcoin" refers to a virtual monetary unit and the payment system that allows you to exchange it. Bitcoins were created in 2009 by Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto. This virtual currency has for characteristic of being decentralized: it is not controlled by any central authority. Its use is also anonymous because Bitcoin accounts are connected to pseudonyms, not to real identities. Transactions, however, are all recorded in a renowned public register called "blockchain".

What are the assets of Bitcoins?

Bitcoins offer many assets for casino players. Transactions are very fast, and they are done in total anonymity. Be aware, however, that the best Casinos Bitcoin de Australia check the identity of their customers, for security reasons. Bitcoins are also interesting because payment charges are generally quite low. They can also be both used to make payments on a casino site, and to remove gains.

How to pay with Bitcoin?

To start paying with Bitcoin, you must first download a "wallet", the software that will allow you to accumulate your Bitcoins and make payments. Several companies now offer excellent Wallets, such as Mycelium, Copay and Breadwallet. Then you will need to feed your portfolio in Bitcoin using one of the proposed means of payment. Then, once at the checkout of your casino, you only have to click on the Bitcoin icon and indicate the address of your wallet. And that's all !

Can we put money on a casino with Bitcoins?

Yes of course ! Everything is to find an online casino that accepts Bitcoin. At the time of payment, simply choose Bitcoin, and let yourself be guided. You will need to indicate the address of your Wallet, without failing to you obviously, and indicate the amount you want to deposit. The money will be paid on your casino account in minutes, and you can start playing real money at your favorite game.

Is Bitcoin accepted by many casinos?

No. Bitcoin has not yet really democratized, and it is accepted by few casinos and online shops. This should, however, change in the coming years: Bitcoin has more and more success, and it should be supported by a growing number of casino operators. In the meantime, if you are looking for an online casino using Bitcoin, check out our selection of casinos: you will find excellent gaming rooms on which you can turn your buit blocks and make real money. You can also opt for an electronic portfolio, like Neteller or Skrill, and feed it with your Bitcoin wallet.

Is Bitcoin a reliable payment solution?

Yes, Bitcoin is an extremely reliable payment system. To pay with Bitcoin, all you need is the address of your Wallet: you do not have to indicate your coordinates or your banking information, and you do not risk theft or personal data . This anonymity is very appreciable!

Should we pay fees?

In general, online casinos do not charge fees on deposits and withdrawals, which you use Bitcoin or any other payment method. However, some Wallets take commissions on transactions: check with the company you have chosen to know how much these commissions are. But rest assured: they are usually very weak.

Is it possible to remove casino gains in Bitcoins?

Yes, of course, on casinos that accept Bitcoins. Withdrawals are just as simple as the deposits: once at the cash center of your casino, click on the "bitcoin" icon, indicate the amount you want to withdraw with Bitcoin, and enter the address of your wallet, taking good Keep not to do typing faults. Then you just have to wait! According to Casino Bitcoin sites, waiting can be more or less long. In the best case, withdrawal requests are approved within 48 hours. Please note that all operators set a minimum withdrawal amount, generally between 50 and 150 euros.