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Beat the croupier at Double Attack Blackjack

When the blackjack "double attack", it gives an original and exciting variant. On online casinos, the Double Attack blackjack looks a lot like classic blackjack but it has some offset rules that put an extra dose of pepper in the game. Below, find the detailed explanations of our experts, and a list of our sites. Preferred where you can play blackjack online.

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Put and probabilities of gain at Double Attack Blackjack

The "Bustit" bet is quite specific to the Double Attack online blackjack variant. It consists of betting a certain amount when we think the croupier will exceed 21 in three cards. It is a relatively risky bet, because the advantage of the house is 8%, but that places a lot to real money blackjack lovers. If you have seen just and the dealer pulls a 10, you triple your bet; If its third card is a 9, you multiply it by 6. with the cards 8, 7, and 6, you leave with respectively 8, 10 and 15 times your starting start.

The advantage of the Double Attack Blackjack House, on online casinos, is rather interesting for players: it is indeed 0.62%, which is relatively little. This is due to certain rules specific to this variant, and in particular the fact that the dealer is obliged to stop as soon as he gets a score of 17. However, one must know that a blackjack will bring you less than at the Blackjack American: If you fight the dealer, you double your bet instead of tripling it.

Double Attack Blackjack rules

Double Attack Blackjack is a relatively new blackjack variant, which is found, "live", in the Atlantic City casinos and in some Las Vegas play rooms, but not in Australia. Online, the Double Attack Blackjack is offered by some of the best blackjack sites, for the delight of players who want to vary the pleasures.

The main difference between the real money blackjack Classic and the Double Attack variant is at the level of the maps distribution. At Double Attack Blackjack, the dealer receives his first card before all players. Even before you know their cards, they can increase or double their bet. Then the cards are distributed in a conventional way. Another peculiarity of this interesting variant: it is played with eight card packages of which all 10 have been removed. Finally, online, on Double Attack blackjack casinos, we can make an extra bet, the "bustit", which we describe below. If all these rules seem complex, know that you can always play free blackjack games online to get your hands.

Our strategy advice for beginners

When you want to play online and have dual ATTACK blackjack payments, it is recommended to use the basic policy tables, which you will find very easily on the Internet. All the experts will advise you to increase your bet, and even to double it, if the first croupier card is between 2 and 8. If you had to remember only one strategy, that's the one!

Do not forget, moreover, that you can leave a real money game at any time, simply abandoning and leaving the bank half of your bet. It is again an extremely favorable rule for players. In some online blackjack variants, it is indeed forbidden to give up after dividing a hand or having doubled its bet. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it, to minimize your losses when you are in bad posture.

Le best-of des sites de blackjack Double Attack

It's not difficult to learn to play Double Attack online blackjack; What is difficult, on the other hand, is to find online quality blackjack sites. To prevent you from misappropriations, between viruses, scams and rigged games, we decided to conduct the investigation and test dozens of real money casinos. The result, you can consult it above: it is a list of the best web casinos, top sites that allow you to play blackjack, in classic or double attack, in excellent security conditions. That's like!

Frequently Asked Questions

To win and have interesting payments to Double Attack Blackjack, redouble your efforts and do not forget to read the FAQ written by our casino pros.

Double Attack Blackjack, what is it?

This is a very popular real money blackjack variant in the United States, particularly in the Atlantic City casinos. His particuliarity ? Players can double their bet just after the first croupier card has been revealed.

How do we play to play Double Attack Blackjack?

Even though Double Attack Blackjack is based on classic blackjack rules, and the goal of the game is obviously the same, the game has some interesting changes. The rule that gave its name to this variant allows players to double their bet just after the dealer unveiled his first card, before receiving their cards.

What is the difference between Double Attack Blackjack and Classic Blackjack?

Double Attack Blackjack does not revolutionize the world of blackjack, but has many small rules that do all its interest. The 10 are not used, we can double the start of the part, and we can not divide the only once. Free online blackjack games will allow you to master all these variations of rules.

Are the gain chances advantageous?

Yes, as often in blackjack, even if there is no 10 in the game. The advantage of the house is only 0.62%, which is quite weak, especially compared to Other games less interesting for players, like Keno or Baccara.

Where to play Double Attack Blackjack on the Internet?

On the sites that offer several online blackjack variants to their customers. They are not necessarily very numerous, and that's why we advise you to see our selection of confidence casinos to find the ideal site.

With how many card games do we play?

Eight Spanish card games are used. They contain only 48 cards each because the 10 have been removed.

How much can we bet?

It all depends on the sites. In general, the minimum bets are lower than in the "real" casinos, and you will be able to bet only a few dollars.

How much money can we win?

If you make a blackjack, you will be paid to 3 against 2, which is quite classic. This means that if you bet $ 2, you leave with $ 5. There are, however, many other betack blackjack bets; Some, very risky, allow you to win 200 times your initial bet.

Use a system, it's possible?

Yes of course ! However, it would be more appropriate for you not to trust 100% to betting systems such as the Martingale, the Labouchère, etc. On the other hand, you will very easily find on the web strategy tables specially designed for this online blackjack variant.