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Our tips on double exhibition blackjack

If you are a real money blackjack fan but you want to vary the pleasures, test the dual exhibit. In this variant, invented by an American scholar, the two croupier cards are unveiled from the beginning of the game, which allows you to beat it more easily. To discover the secrets of this exciting game, keep reading!

In this article, we offer our best tips on double exhibition blackjack, as well as a selection of our favorite sites. You will find:

  • Excellent free online blackjack games, with or without download.
  • High quality mobile platforms and applications.
  • Many bonuses and promotions.

Les bases du blackjack Double Exposure

The Double Exposure Blackjack was invented by the Richard A. Epstein Game Theoretician, and was introduced for the first time in a game room at the Vegas World Casino of Las Vegas. His particuliarity ? The dealer receives, from the beginning of the game, two discovered cards. The players thus know the hand of their opponent, which gives them a certain advantage.

To compensate for this advantage, some online dual-exhibit blackjack casinos reduce payments. Thus, very often, with a blackjack, we receive the equivalent of its bet instead of multiplying it by 1.5. It should also be known that it is impossible to take insurance or to abandon a game, or that, in case of equality, players always lose, unless they have a blackjack. On the other hand, like other online blackjack variants, the game is played with eight card games which, again, aims to make the parts more difficult for players.

Our tips to beat the dealer

Double exhibit blackjack, online and in so-called "land" casinos, has quite particular rules. Knowing them is essential to hope to break the dealer. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the advantages of the game. For example, you can only separate your hand once, but after you are allowed to double your bet, which can be very remunerative .

As always when you want to play blackjack online, you must use a strategy. There are also tables detailing the basic strategy to adopt in each situation, which you will find easily on the Internet. These tables are very useful; Do how, however, be careful to choose one that has been specifically made for the online dual exhibit blackjack.

What strategy for beginners?

We do not recommend beginners to start with Double Exposure Blackjack on online casinos. Indeed, there are significant differences between this game and the more classic variants, and it is therefore necessary to adopt a very particular strategy, which is not within the reach of all. If you are a novice in real money blackjack, Opt instead for a traditional blackjack game, and once you have mastered the rules, you can go rubbing the Double Exposure Blackjack.

Of course, do not open your portfolio right away. Choose a quality, legal site in Australia, and use the "demo" mode to play free online blackjack games. So, you will not have to spend your money, and simply can play with fictitious tokens. Train yourself until you become familiar with the rules and game interface. You will then be able to go to checkout and test your knowledge "for real" to have interesting payments to blackjack!

Best Online Blackjack Casinos Double Exposure Web

If there are many quality blackjack sites on the web, there is also a multitude of dishonest casino operators. The casino universe is very similar to a real jungle, where players find themselves facing real dangers: playing rigged games, never see the color of their earnings, getting through a promotion too much Beautiful to be true, or never get answers to their questions.

To play in good conditions, so choose your online real money blackjack casino with care. How? 'Or' What ? Simply following our advice, Pardi! We analyzed hundreds of sites to identify the best, which we present to you in our selection. Feel free to compare them and test them in demo mode before making your choice. You will see: You will not be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

With our FAQ, we put cards on table: the answers of our experts will help you know better and better master the double exhibition blackjack!

Double exhibit blackjack, what is it?

This is an online blackjack variant that has been imagined by the American Richard A. Epstein, a game specialist. It has the originality the fact that the dealer reveals his two cards from the beginning of the game.

How do we play in online dual exhibit blackjack?

The basics of double exhibition blackjack are the same as those of classic blackjack, but there are some subtleties to know; For example, players can not divide their hand in two once.

What are the main differences between this game and other blackjack variants?

In other online blackjack variants, the croupier returns its second card only after the second gives. At double exhibit blackjack, the two croupier cards are shown at all at the beginning of the game.

Are the chances of gain raised?

Yes, the gain chances are higher than in most other variants of Blackjack, because players have more information to make their choice.

What sites can we play?

Real online dual exhibition silver blackjack made its debut on the Las Vegas casinos tables, but it is now proposed by many online casinos. Refer to our selection of trusted operators to find a site.

How much can we win?

As always, in case of victory, the blackjack payments you receive depend on the amount you had bet. However, gain reports are lower: if you fight the dealer, you receive the equivalent of your bet, instead of the traditional gain ratio of 2/3.

Are systems and strategies allowed online?

Yes, of course, it's not like classic casinos: no one will come to look at what you are doing behind your screen. However, counting the cards is impossible online because the packets are automatically mixed with each deal. As for the Martingale or other systems, we do not recommend them because they are not really effective. Manage your budget well is the best strategy!