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Our European Blackjack Guide Online

On casinos, blackjack comes in american version, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City, or Switch. The most classic version is however the European Blackjack game online. Thanks to this article, you will become uncomfortable on this variant! And to test your knowledge, you just have to go playing free blackjack without downloading on one of our favorite sites!

How to play European blackjack?

At first glance, the European format of real money blackjack is very similar to the American model, and you will have no problem getting from one to the other. There are, however, some small rules that make all the difference. Unlike the American variant, the croupier does not receive a hidden card at the beginning of the game, and it receives its second card once all players are in possession of two cards.

In addition, in European blackjack, on online casinos, only two card games are used, which is clearly advantageous for players. The American version works with 6 or 8 card games, which greatly increases the advantage of the house. Nevertheless, the online European blackjack remains more difficult to play than other variants.

For example, if you play online at the European version, you will only be able to double your bet that you have a hand worth 9, 10 or 11. In American Blackjack, this rule does not exist, And you can double at any time. Divide a hand in two is also more difficult in European blackjack because it is only possible to do it once, and only when one has two 10, two valets, two queens or two kings. On the American format, you can play with four different hands, separating your hands three times, which maximizes your chances of getting interesting payments to blackjack.

Put every chance on your side to win big payments to blackjack

The best strategy to adopt when you play European blackjack online on a casino, it's caution. Because of its particular rules, this variant is more unfavorable to players than others. We must therefore use a less aggressive strategy. For example, when the croupier card is an AS or a 10, it's better not to double your bet or separate your hand in two.

On several sites, you can easily find tables summarizing the basic European blackjack strategy online. They tell you what to do according to the cards you have in hand, and according to the croupier. We strongly recommend that you use a table of this type, which will help you make the best possible choices.

Our special "beginner" strategy

If you have never played the real money blackjack of your life, you can quite start your learning online on European blackjack casinos. The rules of the game are, overall, quite classic, and you will not be too excounted when you pass to the American variant. The first thing to do is to study the rules, and train you. Also, no question of playing with real money from the beginning: go to a quality blackjack site, and play free blackjack online, without having to spend your money.

Once you think you mastery the rules, you can start "for real", that is to say with real money. If you are not registered yet on an online casino, create an account on one of the sites we advise you, drop funds, and play! Remember: moderation is the key to success, in terms of online money games. So let's bet little and well, and you should get out of it.

The top online casinos for playing online blackjack

Find a quality blackjack site is a real challenge, so there are dishonest casinos on the web. To help you play in good conditions, we tested dozens of operators: security, equity, choice of game, bonus, customer service and mobile applications, we have left nothing at random. The result is a list of the best web casinos on the web, sites on which you can register your eyes closed. But to play, keep them wide open!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about online blackjack? We have the answers! The proof with this very complete FAQ, to read urgently.

European blackjack, what is it?

European blackjack is one of the multiple blackjack variants that are now proposed by casinos, online and offline.

How do we play?

The goal of the game is to beat the dealer by getting the closest score of 21 ... without ever going over. Initially, you will receive two cards, and you will then have to choose to draw a third, and even a fourth.

What are the specificities of this online blackjack variant?

The big difference between European blackjack and American blackjack is that in the European version the dealer receives his second card only when all players have their two cards in hand. At American Blackjack, he receives his second card at the beginning of the game, face down, and can check if he has a blackjack, in which case the game ends automatically and all the players lose their bet.

Are the chances of winning high?

Yes, rather high: it is well known, blackjack is one of the most favorable games for players. By learning the rules and using a strategy board, you can truly gain pretty amounts more easily than slot machines or roulette.

Where can we play European blackjack online?

On hundreds of sites. It is indeed a very common variant. However, we advise you to choose your operator carefully because all sites are not good. Check out our list to find what you need!

With how many card packets this game is playing?

Online European blackjack has, among others, the peculiarity of using less cards games than the American blackjack: unlike it, which can have 6 or 8 card games, it is only played with 2 packs 52 cards.

How much can we bet?

Online, you can bet a lot, or very little. It all depends on casinos and games! Most virtual blackjack tables are accessible for very small sums. There are also VIP games with very high minimum bets.

How much can we win?

A lot of money, if we're lucky! If you make a blackjack, you are paid to 2/3, which means you leave with more than double your initial bet. So, the more you bet, the more you can win big ... or lose big.

Is it possible to use systems or strategies to obtain blackjack payments?

Yes, it is theoretically possible, but not necessarily advised. Counting the cards, for example, is missing online, because software automatically mix the cards at each game. On the other hand, you can completely use the basic strategy: it will be very valuable to you.