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Multi-Hand blackjack, to multiply your gain chances

If you like things go out very quickly, you will love Multi-Hand blackjack, an online blackjack variant that allows you to play five hands at the same time. To know everything about this original game, keep reading! And when you will be ready to take action, choose one of the best online casinos of Multi-Hand blackjack.

The rules of multi-hand blackjack

Multi-hands blackjack looks great at Classic real money blackjack, Unlike, you'll understand it, that you can play with many hands at a time. In general, on online multi-hand blackjack casinos, it is possible to play up to five hands at the same time, which adds a dose of extra pepper to the game. As you can separate your hands in two if you receive Cards of the same value, you can, with luck, play ten hands simultaneously ... it gives the Tournis!

You can also double your bets on all your hands, to optimize your profits, or use different strategies for each hand. On the other hand, it is sufficient for half of your hands to be winner for your gains to compensate for your losses. Thanks to all these assets, the Blackjack Multi-Hand wins more and more success with Internet users, so much so that it is imposing on the best online blackjack sites. Also, if all these rules seem complex, a good idea would be to play a few free online blackjack games in order to master everything.

Enjoy the best chances at Multi-Hand Blackjack

Unlike the majority of casino games, real money blackjack is not a pure game game. So you can truly use your knowledge and skills to beat the bank. However, it is a very complex game, and you will need a lot to get you to optimize your chances, especially as the multi-hand blackjack, on online casinos, multiplies your chances of gains ... and losses.

There is a very useful tool that will help you put all the chances on your side if you decide to play blackjack online: it's a table, sometimes called "basic strategy", which has been realized thanks to a simulation software. Millions of blackjack hands have been analyzed, to know which strategy to use in each situation. You will easily find this table on the Internet. We chose not to reproduce it here, but summarize below the key points for beginners, who will be able to use them online on multi-hand blackjack casinos.

Our strategy advice for beginners

In Blackjack, players can do several types of actions: they can decide not to pull a new card, get a new one, to separate their hand in two if they get two identical cards, or doubling their betting . In general, it is advisable to draw until a score equal to or greater than 17.

Pull a new card if you have an AS and a 6, and stay on your game with an AS and a card above 6. Double the bet is recommended when you get 10 or 11 points. According to the experts, it is better always separating the pairs of AS and 8, and separate the 7 if the visible card of the croupier is a 7 or a lower value. On the other hand, never separate the 10 and the 5. All these rules are as valuable in so-called "land" casinos of Australia than on online silver online blackjack sites.

The best of multi-hand blackjack online

Finding a good multi-hands blackjack casino is not an easy task, because operators are not all reliable. By opting for one of the sites we have tested for you, you will avoid many disappointments. These casinos offer hundreds of real money games, including several blackjack variants of course obviously. As they are controlled by serious authorities, they are reliable and equitable, and protect your bank and personal data. Do not hesitate: go quickly register, supply your account, and go to a multi-hand blackjack table!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, our readers always have! We answer below to those that come back most often.

Multi-Hand blackjack, what is it?

The multi-hand blackjack is a blackjack variant that is played with several hands at a time. This game is essentially available online.

How do we play?

The goal of the game is the same as at the traditional blackjack: you have to beat the dealer by getting the score closer as possible from 21. The difference is that we can play with up to five different hands. These hands can be divided once, and you can quite decide to pull a card for a hand, and not to draw one for another.

Is Multi Hand Blackjack more or less interesting than other online blackjack variants?

The Blackjack Multi Hand is nothing revolutionary: Overall, the rules of the game stay the same. The game will appeal to the pressed players, who want to play with several hands at a time to maximize their chances of gain. However, it is always advisable for new to play a few free blackjack hands online in order to get their hands.

Are gain probabilities advantageous?

Yes, rather. The advantage of the house is weak, as often in blackjack. It rises only 0.58% only when the dealer uses six card games.

Where is it possible to play multi-hand blackjack online?

This game is offered by casino operators who have chosen Microgaming, Betsoft or Playtech software. You will find it on some of the sites of our selection.

How many card games are they used?

In general, multi-hand blackjack games use six or eight card games. The less card games, the more chances are to win!

How much money can we bet?

The amount of the minimum bet depends on the casinos. In general, one can bet 1 dollar only. Maximum bets can range up to hundreds of dollars on VIP tables.

How much can we bet?

Your blackjack payments depend on the amount you had miseled. Gain reports, multi-hand blackjack, are quite classic: if you have a blackjack, you will be paid at 2/3. The more you bet, the bigger you will win!

Is it possible to use a system or strategy to play online blackjack and win?

Yes, quite, nothing stops you. We advise you to print the famous table of the basic strategy, which will be useful for you to know what decision to take, according to your cards and those of the dealer.