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The Blackjack Switch: Blackjack with Two Hands

If you like real money blackjack, you'll love the Switch version, which allows you to play both hands both and exchange cards between them. However, no question of launching you before reading this article: our specialists in this online blackjack variant tell you the basics and give you their best addresses.

Choosing one of the online casinos of Blackjack Switch we advise you, it's:

  • Enjoy a wide range of real-money table games and slot machines.
  • Play as well on computer as on mobile in excellent conditions.
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The rules of the game of Blackjack Switch

The Blackjack Switch is a young game: it's been only seven years since we found in Las Vegas and Australia casinos, as well as online casinos Playtech. This original game was invented in 2009 by Geoff Hall. It works on a very attractive principle. On this alternative blackjack online, you can play with two hands simultaneously, and possibly exchange the second card of each hand to build stronger hands.

Aside from this difference, the rules of Blackjack Switch are very similar to those of classic blackjack. The game uses six or eight card games. Players can double their bet when they want, and separate a hand in two when they get a pair. In all, it is possible to play four different hands on the sites, hoping to win superb payments to blackjack.

Gain reports to the Blackjack Switch

At the Blackjack Switch, on online casinos and in traditional playrooms, players have more opportunities for gain than on the American or European variant. Indeed, as we can exchange cards with both hands, we can build very strong hands, and beat the croupier more easily than in other online blackjack variants. So when played with six card games, Blackjack Switch offers at home an advantage of 0.58%, which is very little.

However, to compensate for this advantage, operators offer lower gain reports. If you get a blackjack, you will receive an amount equivalent to your starting, instead of touching 1 and a half times your bet.

Our strategy advice for beginners

All the difficulty and the beauty of the Blackjack Switch reside in the "switch", that is to say to exchange the cards with both hands. Make the right decision is not always obvious. In some cases, exchanging cards is needed, and is the best option, but often things are less clear. The best way to succeed, on online blackjack switch casinos, is first of all to train with free online blackjack games, and then follow what is called the "Basic Strategy" .

The basic strategy is a table that tells players what you need to do in each situation, according to the cards you have in hand, and those of the dealer. There is a basic variant strategy, and you should easily find the Blackjack Switch on the Internet. If you do not feel sure you, test the game in "demo" version, that is, free of charge, before playing for real money. And do not forget: to play online blackjack and win, the best strategy is moderation!

Discover our favorite Blackjack Switch Blackjack Sites

On the Internet, finding a quality Blackjack Switch casino can be restrained with a true obstacle course. Among the pitfalls that watch the players too confident, there are rigged games, misleading promotions, unreachable customer services, unsecured transactions, viruses and spam.

The best way to avoid all this is to follow our advice. We took the time to test dozens of real money blackjack sites, systematically eliminating any operator who does not meet our quality criteria. The result is the list above, which contains only online casinos at the top. By choosing one of these sites, you will inevitably make good pick. Regulated by serious, legal authorities in Australia and reliable on all points, our favorite casinos are irreproachable. Go test them, you will see, you will not be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about Blackjack Switch, no worries: you will certainly find the answers you need in our FAQ!

Blackjack Switch, what is it?

Blackjack Switch is an innovative online blackjack variant online, which was invented in 2009 by the American Geoff Hall. This game has the fact that players have two hands instead of one, they can exchange cards.

What are the rules of the game?

This variant uses the basic rules of blackjack. There are obviously specific rules; Players need to bet as much money on each hand, and hands can be divided once.

What are the differences with the traditional free blackjack format online?

The two hands of the players, of course, who give them twice as many chances to win.

Are the chances of winning interesting?

Yes, very, because we have two different hands. To compensate for this advantage, casinos offer lower gain odds than classic blackjack.

Where can we play Blackjack Switch online?

Only on casinos that use Playtech software, the company that designed the virtual version of the Blackjack Switch.

With how many card games do you play with this online blackjack variant?

The Blackjack Switch can play with 6 or 8 games of 52 cards.

How much can I bet?

The amounts of minimum and maximum bets vary according to operators. But rest assured: online, you do not need to bet hundreds of dollars to sit at a blackjack switch table. The minimum bets are generally very reasonable.

How much money is it possible to win?

Blackjack payments are proportional to the amount you migated. The more you bet, the higher your gains, it's mathematical! Be aware, however, that the gain probabilities are a little weaker than in classic blackjack: if you make a blackjack, you win once your bet, or a gain ratio of 1: 1 instead of 2: 3.

I want to use a strategy: is it possible?

Yes, not only is possible, but it's even recommended! There are tables summarizing the basic strategy of Blackjack Switch, which are very practical to know how to exchange your cards.