Play Casino with Prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards

They look like credit cards, they work as credit cards, but these are not credit cards: Rechargeable Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards are an original way of payment. We invite you to discover them on this page, and to visit the sites we have selected for you.

These exceptional online casinos, like Jackpot City, our favorite casino, offer you the following advantages:

  • They offer hundreds of games, the most classic to the most original.
  • They are compatible with tablets and cell phones.
  • They take care of many payment methods, including rechargeable prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards: the principle

visa and mastercard prepaid cards look like two drops of water with traditional bank cards. as they, they have a number consisting of sixteen figures and an expiry date, and are nominative. however, these prepaid cards must be "recharged", which means that expenses are limited. cards with visa or mastercard logo work all over the network Visa and Mastercard, and are therefore accepted by millions of online stores and shops, both in canada and arornd the world.

Originally, prepaid cards were mainly intended for adolescents, allowing them to learn the operation of credit cards while controlling their budget. Today, banks are no longer the only ones to offer rechargeable prepaid cards: with the Internet, these have indeed gained popularity, for the safety they offer. In the online casino universe, prepaid cards (example: Vanilla Visa and Vanilla MasterCard) have significant advantages.

The advantages of prepaid cards on an online casino

For play with real money on an online casino, mastercard and visa prepaid cards offer many advantages. first of all, they are practical because they are accepted throughout the mastercard and visa network, namely by millions of online shops and almost the majority of casinos. then they can also be used as classic credit cards, in "hard" stores and atms.

Prepaid cards such as Vanilla Visa and Vanilla MasterCard are also easy to get. You do not need to entrust your banking information to anyone, and no solvency checks are performed, allowing Internet users who do not have a bank account to play for real money. In addition, the Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards, on online casinos, allow you to control your expenses, since you can not deposit more money on your Casino account than your card contains. Practice not?

To help you find the ideal site, we have selected the best online casinos on which you can use your prepaid cards to bet.

Focus on Visa Prepaid Cards

On online casinos, prepaid visa cards issued by different banks and companies can be used. Australians are spoiled for choice, with dozens of visa cards available. Several banks offer prepaid visa cards; This is particularly the case of Scotiabank. You can also get a prepaid Visa card for the online casino at all Australia Post counters, and then recharge, up to 500 CA maximum, to play online in real money casino.

Petro Australia also offers the rechargeable Pivot Visa card, which costs $ 10. It can be recharged in two ways: online, or by buying vouchers worth 50, 100 or 250 CA dollars in a Petro Australia gas station. All these prepaid visa cards are supported by online casinos.

Proposed MasterCard Prepaid Cards in Australia

On the Mastercard side, the choice is just as vast. You will find the prepaid MasterCard cards at banks, starting with the Bank of Montreal, which offers its customers a range of cards. For example, the Direct Cash Prepaid MasterCard, the IRIDIUM MasterCard, or the Cash Passport MasterCard, which has the particularity of being charged with foreign currencies. You can then use all these prepaid cards on an online casino of your choice and bet yours.

also mention the prepaid cards proposed by the electronic payment companies like nandeller and Skrill. these cards are associated with an electronic portfolio accornt, and they work as conventional prepaid cards.

Our selection of the best online casinos of the web

To help you find the ideal site, we have selected the best online casinos on which you can use your prepaid cards to bet. These operators meet all our safety and quality criteria. On the program: a wide range of games, Baccara slot machines through video poker, craps and Pai Gow, rates of return to very generous players, excellent bonuses and loyalty programs full of surprises . We have spoiled you!

Frequently Asked Questions

A prepaid card, what is it?

Prepaid cards look like bank cards, but they are not related to a bank account. On the other hand, they can be linked to an electronic portfolio. To be used, they must be recharged.

How do Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards work?

Paying with a Visa or MasterCard prepaid card on an online casino returns to pay with a classic credit card. Click the MasterCard or Visa logo, and enter your card number as well as its expiry date to start the payment.

Is it possible to deposit funds on a casino account with a rechargeable prepaid card?

Yes of course. All online casinos, or almost, accept Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards. You are spoiled for choice!

Are they reliable?

Yes of course. These cards are just as reliable as classical credit cards. However, online, they offer you additional protection because they are not connected to your bank account.

Are deposits and withdrawals are fast?

Deposits are immediate. On the other hand, it is not possible to withdraw funds with a prepaid card.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid cards?

Rechargeable prepaid cards have the advantage of being easy to obtain, allow quick payments, to be sure and not to be very expensive. Their disadvantage is that they can not be used to remove your gains.

Are these cards paying?

The expenses for prepaid Visa and MasterCard, for online casinos, vary by banks and issuing companies.