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Baccarat with live croupier: a guide for beginners

Finding the atmosphere and sensations of traditional playrooms, it is possible thanks to Baccarat on a live casino. The principle ? You face real croupiers, who animate the game and communicate with you via webcam. In this article, we tell you everything about live baccarat. On the program: Tips, rules of the game, and selection of the best sites.

Here are some of the benefits offered by our favorite casinos:

  • They have a wide range of slot machines and table games with live croupiers.
  • They offer excellent bonuses, which you can immediately use to play.
  • They guarantee you optimal security conditions at any time.

Baccara, instructions for use

The good news is that the online baccarat is a game of a disconcerting ease. Even if we often think that it is reserved for the regulars of online and traditional casinos, the Baccara is suitable for all players, beginners as confirmed. The aim of the game ? Guess who, from you or the dealer, will get the hand that approaches as much as possible from 9 from two or three cards. This is where the originality of this game resides: we can quite have a losing hand and win a game.

The most difficult in Baccarat is probably counting points. But once we understand the system, it's simple! Figures and ten valients zero, while other cards retain their nominal value. When we make the sum of several cards, only the unit of the result is kept; For example, if you have a 5 and 7, you get 2 points, not 12. If you are afraid of mixing the brushes, do not panic: on Baccara online casinos with live croupier, the software count the points for you.

Baccarat in all its forms

The Baccara having always enjoyed a moderate success, there are few variations of this game. The Punto Banco is probably the only variant you will find easily on the best online casinos with live croupiers. The "Banco" is the bank, and the "punto" is the laying, a virtual opponent. The goal of the game is the same as at Baccara: it is necessary to bet on the spawning, the bank or on an equality between the two.

It must also be known that in line, the casinos offer two types of Baccara Games. The most common is a 100% virtual game, to which you play through software. The second is the one that interests us here: the baccarat on a live casino, which is an excellent solution for the nostalgic traditional casinos.

Our tips to put every chance on your side

To play online baccarat with live croupier and win, you have to understand that in this game you do not have to defend your hand. Bring on your hand is the most interesting because, if you have seen right, you double your bet. However, playing on the dealer's hand, you also double your funds, but you must pay back a small percentage to the bank. Missed on equality is the most remunerative: you can multiply your starting start by 9. However, the most risky strategy, because you have only one chance on 10 for equality to occur.

Some beginner strategies?

If you are a beginner, it is normally recommended to start by playing baccarat games with live croupier in "demo" mode. So, you could learn the rules smoothly and test some strategies without spending your money. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play free baccarat live or find a free online casino. So, all we can advise you here is to privilege prudent mates and avoid playing on equality. Remember that baccarat is a pure game game, and as such, you can lose all your money.

About our choice of online casinos

To help you play in the best possible conditions, we have searched for the top casinos on which you can play baccarat games with live croupier. We relied on a whole battery of criteria, which range from transaction security and personal data protection to the quality of the interface and equity of games. Our favorite sites are therefore the cream of the Casino Cream online, and you can register without fear!

Frequently Asked Questions

To complete our little Baccarat guide on a live casino, we offer below the responses of our casino specialists to questions often asked by our readers.

Should we download a software to play baccarat online with live croupier?

In general, no. Most baccarat games with live dealers are offered in "Instant Play" version, allowing you to play without downloading anything, directly in your Internet browser.

Are the rules of live baccarats the same as those of classical baccacaca?

Yes quite ! If you are used to attending the Baccara halls of the Montreal Casino or Charlevoix, you will not be exotic. The goal of the game and the rules are quite similar: it is necessary to guess which hand, from yours or that of the dealer, will win the game.

How many baccarat sites are there live?

So here it's a trap question! It's hard to answer it because many casinos open their doors every day or almost on the web. In addition, live games are very popular, more and more operators add them to their catalog. You have the choice between dozens, or even even hundreds of sites.

Does Baccarat live success on mobile casinos?

No, not for now at least. Indeed, there are still few live baccarat games optimized for tactile screens of smartphones. This should however change soon, Grand V speed technology.

Can I use my bonus to play baccarat on a live casino?

Yes, of course, nothing prevents you from it, and thankfully! However, you need to know that, to touch your bonus, you will have to play a number of actual money, and that, often, the money bet at the table games is not fully taken into account in the calculation . CAUTION, so!

Can we play live at any time?

In general, yes! Companies that offer live casino games, such as microgaming, have studios in several different countries, in order to offer continuous games. So we can play at any time of the day or night.

Are the live baccarat games rigged?

No, do not worry! Quality sites, such as those we have selected for you, use professional croupiers, who adopt irreproachable practices.

Are the other players also filmed?

No. The only person you will see is the dealer or the croupie, rest assured!