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Learn blackjack with live croupier

What do you like, in Blackjack, is seeing the croupier's face when you fight it, and play in a friendly atmosphere? Rest assured, online casinos have thought of you, with blackjack games with live croupier.

Thanks to a camera and the magic of the broadband internet, you end up in a real casino room, facing a croupier or a croupie. Play blackjack with live croupier on an online casino, so it's like playing "for real"!

In this article, you will find our best advice, as well as a list of our favorite Blackjack sites. These offer you:

  • Software and easy-to-use and high quality applications.
  • A wide range of slot machines and excellent live table games.
  • Safe transactions through advanced security securing techniques.

Play Blackjack: the basics

The goal of the game, in blackjack, seems very simple: it is necessary to approach up to 21 without ever going over, asking cards to the dealer, who is your opponent. He, on his side, must do the same. Several actions are possible on casinos, blackjack with live croupier or classic blackjack.

First of all, you can pull a new card, or decide to stop you. In addition, you can double your bet, if you get a total of 9, 10 or 11 with your first two cards. If your first two cards are identical, you can separate them into two distinct hands, and thus double your chances of gains. Finally, there is insurance, which consists in depositing a bet equal to half of your actual silver if the first croupier card is an AS. If the croupier makes a blackjack, you double your insurance; Otherwise, you lose it. Even if it seems seductive, especially for beginners, this action is not recommended because it always advantage the house.

Blackjack in all its states

Variants of Blackjack Online, on casinos, there are dozens there. The goal of the game is always the same, but some elements change. It can be the number of card games, the type of possible actions, or gain reports. The best-known and most popular variants of the players are thus Blackjack Switch, Pontoon, Double Exposure Blackjack or Double Attack Blackjack.

On the other hand, there are obviously on online casinos, blackjack with live croupier. The originality of this game does not lie in the rules, which are the same as the classic real money blackjack, but in the fact that we face croupiers in flesh and bone.

The best chances

Gain, blackjack, dependent on online casino variants and operators. If you exceed 21, you lose your bet, obviously. If it's the croupier that exceeds 21, and not you, you leave with twice your bet. If you make a blackjack, with 21 points any battery, you earn once and twice your bet, on the best blackjack casinos with live croupier online.

The strategy explained to beginners

In Blackjack, there is what we call the "basic strategy", which aims to minimize the chances of the house. This strategy takes the form of a table that tells you how to follow in each situation, according to the cards you have in hand and according to the croupier cards.

The best thing to do, if you take your first steps in blackjack with live croupier online on a casino, it's using this type of painting, which can be found very easily on the internet. It is also recommended to start by playing in fictitious silver, to familiarize yourself with the rules, before moving to real money.

Our Blackjack sites with favorite live croupiers

Find the best blackjack online casinos with live croupiers asks not only time, but also experience and know-how. Instead of trying to find the rare pearl for yourself, trust us. We tested dozens of operators, and we offer here a selection of the best. Quality, Equity and Security: Our favorite sites meet all our criteria of excellence. You will see: Test them, is it to adopt them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, our readers have a lot. It's good: our casino experts always answer everything!

Blackjack with live croupier, how does it work?

The live blackjack games allow you to participate in a party animated by a real dealer or a real croupier, installed in a casino room, by the magic of the Internet. As the parties take place live, you can chat with other players and with the dealer with a chat interface.

Where to find live blackjack?

More and more casinos offer live games: roulette, poker, but also blackjack. You should therefore find your happiness on the web without any problem. For more serenity, you can also choose one of the sites that our casino specialists have tested and approved for you.

What is the difference with classic online blackjack?

The main difference is, of course, the fact that live blackjack games are not virtual. This is not a computer that distributes cards, but a croupier in flesh and bone, which interacts with the players.

How many card games do the croupiers use?

It depends on the casinos. Unfortunately, these rarely specify the number of packets used, no doubt to discourage card meters. According to the sites, 4, 5, 6 or even 8 packages can be used.

I would like to use a strategy: Is it allowed?

Yes, of course, you are not in a classic casino and no one checks what you are doing behind your computer screen! However, counting live blackjack cards is not easy, you are warned.

Is it possible to play blackjack live on mobile?

This is theoretically possible, provided you find optimized games for cell phones. These are still rare, but things should soon change. In the meantime, you can dispute from the live blackjack games on your tablet.

I was told that the games are rigged: is it true?

We are not going to lie to you: the rigged games exist. But if you choose a trusted site, like those we have selected for you, you have the guarantee to enjoy a total equity, and to face honest and professional croupiers.