Roulette with live croupier: Action!

Online roulette is good, but it often lacks conviviality and human warmth. The solution is the roulette with live croupier, a variant strongly recommended to all those who are languishing from the warm atmosphere of traditional casinos. Below, find the explanations of our experts and a list of the best sites on which roulette online with live croupier can play.

The casinos we have selected for our Australian readers offer many advantages:

  • 100% secure and easy-to-use mobile applications.
  • Slot machines and beauty table games, classic or live version.
  • Assistance services reachable 7 days a week, which quickly respond to your questions.

How do we play with roulette?

Roulette is one of the simplest and fast real money casino games. You only have two decisions to take: know how much money you want to bet, and on which numbers you want to play. And that's all ! Once you have placed your virtual tokens on the online roulette table, on a casino, you only have to click on "spin". The roulette starts to turn, and when the ball stops on a box, you know if you have seen right or if you were wrong.

On casinos on which it is possible to play roulette games with live croupier, things are a bit different. This is not a software that operates the cylinder of the roulette, but a croupier or a croupier in flesh and bone that animates the game, and you can see it live with an HD video retransmission. You can chat with other players or clavarding, and leave a tip to the dealer, as in a real casino. It's strongly recommended if you just won a beautiful kit!

The different faces of the roulette

Roulette variants, there are dozens, because online casino game designers compete from imagination to create more original and whimsical games, such as zero roulette or "SPINGO", inspired by bingo . However, the most traditional variants still have a great success. It is the American roulette, with a zero and a double zero, and the European or Australian roulette, which has only 37 boxes and one zero.

The best online casinos on which it is possible to play live roulette usually do in the classic. For their live games, they usually choose the European, American or Australian variants. You should not be outdated, which will allow you to fully appreciate the experience! It should be noted, however, that it does not exist, at least not yet, free moving roulette game, and even less free live casino on which you can play without spending money.

Small gain odds guide

The gain odds, that is, the real money you make depending on how you've made, can vary depending on the online roulette casinos with live croupier. The most cautious bets are of course those who bring the least. These include 24 numbers, which reports half of the starting setting, or simple chances, which double your bet.

The bets with the best gain odds are also the risky. Misder on one number, for example, can multiply your bet by 35, while, with two numbers, you can win your bet. A "transversal", or a bet on three numbers, multiplies your bet 11. If the ball stops on the zero, on the other hand, the bets engaged on the multiple chances are lost. For simple chances, the bets are lost to American roulette, and are "imprisoned" with Australian roulette.

Our strategy for beginners

If you barely start playing online roulette, we advise you to go smoothly. First, the "demo" mode of online classic games can help you learn the rules of the roulette. Then you can connect to a roulette part on a live casino, and just watch several parts. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the interface.

When you are ready to take the footnote, put funds on your account and launch. But be careful: Know that, to win over the long term, you always have to play in moderation and never spend more money than you can not afford.

The top online casinos in Australia

Another basic rule, to succeed, is to choose a quality operator. It's easier to say than to do, because the web is truffled with poor quality casinos, or even real scams. We come to your rescue, with a top of the best online roulette casinos with live croupiers. We can only advise you the above sites: they reconcile security, equity and quality, for the greatest happiness of the lovers of roulette.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roulette games on a live casino are waiting for you ... Once you have read our Frequently Asked Questions!

Roulette with live croupier, how does it work?

Live roulette games are animated by real croupiers, whose facts and gestures are retransmitted in video on your computer or tablet. You play in a classic way, on a virtual interface, and can interact with the dealer and other players with a chat interface.

Where to play the roulette live?

On casinos that have a "live" section. Quality operators offering online casino games are not yet majority on the web, but there are very good, do not worry! Go take a ride on our top live casinos, you will find the rare pearl.

What are the differences between live roulette and classic roulette?

The presence of a croupier in flesh, installed in a casino room, makes all the originality of the roulette games on a live casino. Aside from that, the rules are the same.

Is the use of strategies or betting systems allowed?

Yes of course. However, here on, we are not great fans of the Martingale or kind betting systems, and we do not recommend relying on you. Remember that the only way to be winning in the long run is to handle your budget.

Can I play roulette games with live croupier from mobile?

It's not impossible, but it's not easy. For the moment, very few live games are optimized for small touch screens of cell phones. On tablet, on the other hand, you will have no problem participating in roulette parts with live croupiers without download.

Are the games rigged?

No. Not on the right sites, anyway! It is true that some dishonest operators truck their games to trap players, but it never happens on serious casinos. These multiply the safety measures and controls, in order to avoid cheating and preserve the fairness of their games.