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Texas Hold'em poker for dummies

today, poker is the most popular table game in the world. and, of all variants of POKERit's the texas hold'em that dominates. we find it as well in the big tournaments "live", like the world series of poker and the world poker tour, only on the specialized poker sites and casinos with croupiers of hold'em in direct.

in this article, our experts entrust you their secrets and their favorite sites on which you can play poker / texas hold'em online with live croupier. these sites offer you:

  • excellent games with live crorpiers, to play as in a "true" casino.
  • A wide choice of payment methods and ultra-secure transactions.
  • Bonuses and promotions actually interesting and easy to touch.

The rules of Texas Hold'em

in texas hold'em on a live casino, the purpose of the game is to constitute, from two individual cards and five common cards placed on the table, one hand of five cards of a value greater than that of the hands of other players. hold'em in real money is played with a game of 52 cards, and two to ten players can take place at the same table.

online, on casinos, and in classic poker circles, part of hold'em is consisting of several stages. everything starts with the first round of bets, that we call "blindly" because they take place before the distribution of cards. then two cards are distributed to each player and, again, we can bet, or if we think not to have a fairly strong hand, give up the part. then comes the "flop": the croupier distributes three cards municipalities, and again, there is a round of bets. during the "turning" and of the "river", a card is added at the same time on the table, discovery, and players can choose to revive, follow, pass or give up the part. finally, the verdict is rendered when players reveal their cards.

Hold'em in all its states

there are three different versions of texas hold'em online. the rules are the same in all cases. what changes on the other hand is the amount of real money. in the "unlimited" holder, there is no maximum amount of put, and you can bet all your chips if you feel like it. with the variant "limit pot, "or" pot limit "in english, the amount of the mises can not exceed the total amount of the kitty. finally, with the "limit" version, the bets are limited to a certain amount at each set of bet. to you to choose the variant that is the best for your portemonnaie!

now let's talk about texas hold'em on a live casino. online quality casinos propose parts that you dispute, not alone in mind with your computer, but facing a croupier or a croupier in flesh and bone. the other players remain invisible; like you, they play thanks to the magic of the internet.

Small guide of the best poker hands

in texas hold'em online, there are ten possible combinations. the strongest is the flush royal, which is formed by an as, a king, a lady, a valet and a ten of the same color. then comes the quinte, consisting of a sequence of five cards of the same color. the square is the third strongest hand: it consists of four maps of the same value. in a full, there are three cards of the same value and a pair; the color is as for it is a combination of five cards that do not follow each other, but who have the same value.

the lowest five hands are the sequence, five cards that follow each other, but have not the same color, the brelan, composed of three cards of the same color, the double pair, pair and high card.

Our strategy to start playing Texas Hold'em live

what we can advise you, if you start, it's to go out a game texas hold'em on an online casino with live croupier. you can go to your preferred site or just watch a video on youtube. some sites also propose interactive tutorials, to train without taking a risk before playing real money. in fact it's one of the only ways for you to observe how things unfold without spending your own sub, being given that it does not exist for the moment no free casino live or poker free live.

once you feel ready, register on a quality site, like those whom we have chosen for you, drop funds and make your games. you will see, play poker / texas hold'em games with live croupier, it's simple: the interface and the croupier guides you at each step. all you have to do is to bet !

The top online casinos offering Texas Hold'em live

no, we do not bluff: for you, we tested dozens and dozens of casinos in real money line to find the best sites. the list above does not contain only reliable and honest operators who offer excellent texas poker games hold'em with live croupier ... and also very nice promotions!

Frequently Asked Questions

before joining a live texas holder, take a look at our faq: you will find all the information you need from the good foot.

How do Texas Hold'em games work on a live casino?

a croupier or a croupier in flesh and bone anime a game, installed at a poker table, in a real casino room. several cameras film the game, which is broadcast live, and the internet users play and rely on the casino interface.

Where can we play there?

on casino sites that have chosen to offer live games. we can not say they rare, but they are not numerous either. to find a good website of texas hold'em in direct, trust our selection!

What is the difference with classic Texas Hold'em poker?

parts of classic texas hold'em, online, are held in a completely virtual, as you face other networked players, or play against the computer. with live poker, you are immersed in the atmosphere of a "true" casino.

Is it possible to use a strategy?

yes, of course, you can use the strategy of your choice, you can use beasts or other tips: you see the dealer, but he does not see you, and you can do what you want ! the best strategy, in our opinion, is to monitor your play capital like milk on fire, so you never fall into the red.

playing poker / texas hold'em games with live croupier from mobile, it's possible ?

live poker games optimized for small mobile screens are still very rare. we you advise rather to play tablet, with or without download.

Do the operators truck games?

no. in any case, not honest operators! live, the games are anyway difficult to rig, because it is not a software that distributes the cards, but a being human you can observe all the facts and gestures.