Entropay: an ideal virtual card for online casino

Pour funds on a safe casino account can be a real puzzle if you are afraid to use your online credit card. Fortunately, there are safe and practical alternatives, such as entroplay, a prepaid virtual card that you can use throughout the Visa network.

discover with us the advantages and disadvantages of entroplay for the online casino, as well as orr selection of the best web gaming sites. orr favorite? this is Jackpot City, a trusted operator we loved. like all the sites we advise you, it offers you:

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Focus sur EntroPay

Entropay is an online payment service developed by Ixaris Systems Ltd., which is based in Great Britain and which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority: proof of seriousness and reliability! Even though Entroplay allows you to get a Visa card, it is in no way an online bank: you will not be able to use this service to send transfers or checks.

by opening an entropay account, you benefit from a virtual visa card, which can be used on millions of merchant sites and hundreds of entropy online casinos. your entropay account is powered by your Classic Credit Card : once he is supplied, you can put your card back in your wallet, and make all your purchases with your virtual card. this system works of course in canada, as in most countries of the world, on hundreds of entroplay online casino sites.

Deposit funds on an Entropay online casino

If you have already used an online credit card, you will not be exotic: Entropay payments work in the same way as payments with a classic card. Go to the Caisse of your casino, and indicate the amount you want to deposit. Then you have to choose one of the proposed payment methods. No need to look for the gray and orange entroplay logo, you will not find it! Instead, click on "Visa" and let yourself be guided.

yor will then enter the sixteen figures on yorr virtual card, indicate its expiry date, and confirm the payment. a few minutes later, yor can actual money in blackjack, craps, roulette or pai gow!

For online casino, Entropay is an excellent alternative to conventional bank cards.

Safety first

On online casinos, Entropy is an excellent alternative to conventional bank cards. Indeed, when you pay on the web with a credit card, you must entrust your operator very sensitive information. The best casinos use very sharp security techniques, it's true, but we are never safe from a hacker or malware ready to steal your confidential data. With Entropay, if this kind of misadventure had to happen to you, do not panic: as it is a prepaid card, which is not related to your bank account, the damage will be limited. For the online casino, Entropay also offers you a significant confidentiality because deposits on your Casino account will not appear on your bank account statement.

Mait your expenses on online casinos with entroplay

Opt for entroplay, on an online casino, is also a great way to control your expenses. Indeed, like all prepaid cards, entroplay only allows you to spend the money available on your card: So you can manage your budget more easily, setting expense limits.

This is particularly useful in the field of online money games. When one plays, that one loses or that one wins, one can indeed easily be carried away and bet are more and more important. With Entroplay, the online casino, so it's very sure: you will not have a bad surprise at the end of the month!

Our guide to the best online online casinos

Entropay online casinos, there are hundreds in Australia: good, very good and excellent, but also mediocre and dishonest. Suffice to say that we get lost quickly! To help you find the ideal casino online site, we have analyzed dozens of operators who open in Australian players.

Our criteria of choice? CA dollar payments, equitable games, francophone customer service, generous bonuses and everywhere. So you can draw the eyes closed in our selection of Entropay online casino sites: they all offer you excellent play conditions. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, go out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Entropy, what is it?

Entropy is a British company that offers electronic payment services and a virtual visa card.

How it works ?

To use Entropay on an online casino, you have to start by creating an account, and link it to your credit card. Once your EntroPay account powered, you can make online shopping in the same way as with a classic credit card.

Is it possible to deposit funds on a Casino account with entroplay?

Yes, of course, otherwise we will not talk about it! The entroplay card being accepted throughout the Visa network, you will have no trouble finding an online casino that supports it. You will even be spoiled for choice!

Is it reliable?

Yes of course. Entropy is based in the UK, and uses advanced security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data.

Are deposits and withdrawals are fast?

Deposits on an online casino with entroplay are immediate. Remove your gains is usually longer; Count at least 24 hours on the best online casinos, and up to ten days.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of entroplay?

Entropay offers you the practical side of traditional credit cards, which are accepted by the vast majority of merchant sites. It also allows you to control your expenses, because no discovery is allowed.

Are there fees?

Yes, but they are sufficiently weak for Topay remains an interesting alternative to bank cards. Registration and map are free. Load your entroplay card will cost you 4.95% of the amount you want to pour.