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Euro Gold Roulette Guide Online

If you are a regular casino online, you probably already know the Euro Gold roulette. This microgaming title is considered one of the best roulette games for its great realism and its unpublished features. If you have never played at Euro Gold Roulette, test this game now!

EURO GOLD roulette explained with beginners

The Euro Gold roulette is, as its name suggests, a game of European roulette online. If you have already played this variant, so you will not be exotic. What makes the peculiarity of the Euro Gold roulette on online casinos, it is first of all the interface of the game, which is very elegant, with a fully golden roulette. microgaming, the company that designed this game, paused on the graphics and sound animations, which are of surprising realism. It is therefore a luxurious version of the classic European roulette ... and, to our knowledge, one of the best roulette games online!

If the rules of the actual silver Euro Gold roulette are quite classic, the game has some rather interesting features, which have nothing revolutionary, we agree, but that make the parts more enjoyable. It is thus possible to customize the game in several ways: by changing the speed of the roulette and the colors used, or by opting for automatic bets. On online casinos, the Euro Gold roulette also has a "historical" feature, convenient to keep track of the results of the previous parts. If all this seems complex, you could play some free online roulette games to get out.

Differences between Euro Gold roulette and other roulette games

The major difference between European roulette or Australian Classic and the Euro Gold roulette holds, it has been said above, graphics and some original features. Apart from that, the rules are the same. The Euro Gold roulette online, on casinos, is thus equipped with 37 boxes and one zero, which means that the advantage of the house is lower than the American roulette, which has not only a zero but also a double zero.

The other specificity of the Euro Gold roulette is that it is found solely on the best casinos on the Internet, just like 3D roulette online. In Australia and around the world, "traditional" casinos offer more classic variants, such as American, European, British or Australian roulette.

The game's rules

Playing the Euro Gold roulette on an online casino is not a wizard at all. The goal of the game is to bet on the box on which one believes that the ball will stop. Several types of bets are possible. Here are some, from the safest to the lowest: the simple chances, the column, the sixin, the square, the transversal or the full number. Obviously, a risky bet, the bigger it can bring back.

It's up to you to develop your strategy from these simple rules. Roulette is a pure chance game, but you can still control the way you bet and the frequency you play. To win on roulette sites, you have to manage your play capital with great rigor, and be careful. In the "real life" or online, the roulette, it's exciting, but it can be dangerous if we feel bad.

The best sites? It's this way !

For our Australian readers, we went around online casinos that offer Euro Gold roulette. We relied on a whole battery of criteria, security transaction security through the quality of the interface and compatibility with mobiles, in order to find the best roulette online sites. On your side, you only have to register on one of the online casinos that offer this roulette game, and make your games. With us, roulette, it's a real breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions

To do nothing to chance, read our FAQ dedicated to the Euro Gold roulette, which will allow you to drill all the secrets of this exciting game.

The European roulette Gold, what is it?

This is an online casino roulette game developed by Microgaming. It revisits European roulette with very neat graphics and sound animations, and with original features.

How do we play?

The rules are exactly the same as those of classical European roulette: no surprise on that side! Just start by betting, moving the tokens on the virtual roulette table, click on "Play" and wait for the ball to stop to find out if we have won or not.

How does this variant differ from the classic version of European roulette online?

The European Gold roulette is a relooked version of European roulette; The rules do not change. Some interesting features are offered, as the opportunity to make the bets "orphans" and "third of the cylinder", or to memorize your bets.

Where can we play the European roulette Gold online?

Only on microgaming network casinos. The good news is that there are many, and you should not have too much trouble finding your happiness. We have included some of the best in our selection of exceptional casinos.

How much money is it possible to win?

It all depends on what you have bet. Yes, at EURO GOLD roulette as in all roulette variants, gains are still proportional to betting. With a full number, you multiply your bet by 35, and with simple chances, you leave with the equivalent of your bet.

Can I use a roulette system if I want it?

Yes of course. However, we prefer to warn you: roulette systems, such as martingale and others, are very rarely effective. Play smart and bet little is much more efficient to house your budget!