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Evolution Gaming: the live game specialist

When we talk about the best games of money such as the Roulette, the POKER where the Blackjack with live croupierWe necessarily talk about Evolution Gaming, one of the leading companies in the field. In this article, we invite you to discover the history, the games and the assets of Evolution Gaming. You can also discover a small selection of our favorite Evolution Gaming Casinos.

Choosing an Evolution Gaming site will allow you to enjoy important benefits:

  • The Croupiers of Evolution Gaming are professional and friendly.
  • The company has casinos in Lithuania and Malta, where it forms its staff.
  • It offers many bonuses and live vip games.

History of Evolution Gaming

The history of Evolution Gaming begins in 2006. At the time, the online silver games with live croupiers are still stammering, and from the start, the company is a challenge to revolutionize the market, putting on Innovation and regulation. A year later, she signs her first contracts with famous casinos operators. In 2009, the success of the Gaming Evolution Games is such that the company is obliged to enlarge its Riga studios. On this occasion, it opens rooms dedicated to VIPs.

Recognized by the actors of the online betting industry, Evolution Gaming has received numerous awards over the years. The company also ceases to grow and in 2012, in 2012, a license from Malta Gaming Authority, which allows it to open a new studio on the island. Riga, during that time, she opens his 100th Game table. In 2015, business works so well for the company it enters the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Today, Evolution Gaming has six studios, and has established itself as a key player in the live casino scene, thanks to its best live money games and commitment to provide only quality.

What I like at Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, which has just breathed six candles, does not have the experience of some giants of casino games, like igt or aristocrat. However, as she conceives only live games, she has unique know-how. Its catalog contains only a handle of titles, but you can be sure that each of its games is of irreproachable quality. The games are retransmitted in HD video, and the interfaces have been worked to offer a friendly and fun gaming experience.

However, Evolution Gaming does not only put on technology. She puts a point of honor to train her croupiers, who all go through the Evolution Academy. The grass croupiers learn to animate parts like pros and evolve in front of a camera. When they come out, they are able to deal with Internet users, and chain the games for hours, always keeping a smile.

Finally, we can only welcome the philosophy of Evolution Gaming, which works hand in hand with the most important regulatory authorities of online casino games. The company has received certifications in many countries, including Italy, Malta, Spain or Great Britain. In addition, Evolution Gaming has been the leading play provider to be regulated by the US state of New Jersey.

The best Evolution Gaming Games

Evolution Gaming only offers table games. All the great classics are on the menu, like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and, of course, poker. It comes in Hold'em version, Ultimate Hold'em, three-cards poker and Caribbean Stud.

The company has also developed a series of VIP games, which unfold the red carpet to the most loyal players. The limits of mises are of course higher, with minimum bets of several hundred dollars. In blackjack, for example, you can bet up to $ 5,000. Be aware, finally, that many Evolution Gaming titles are compatible with tablets and mobiles.

As you have seen, this developer does not offer online money games, but only live. This means that if you end up on one of the best online casinos offering slot machines and aristocrat from our list, you will need to know that slot machines available on this site are not from this developer.

Nos casinos Evolution Gaming favoris

We decided to share with you our love of live games of Evolution Gaming by offering you a small selection of sites that we particularly love. In addition to the flagship games of Evolution Gaming, Australians machines designed by other game developers to vary the pleasures. Also on the program: pretty bonuses and promotions, extremely secure transactions, top support services, and beautiful mobile applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, find the answers from our casino game specialists to the questions our readers often ask us on Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming, what is it?

Just like clean, Microgaming or Betsoft, Evolution Gaming is a company specializing in online casino game design. It was founded in 2006 and knows a nice success with casino lovers.

What does Evolution Gaming offer online casino lovers?

Basically games with live croupiers. Evolution Gaming is one of the undisputed leaders in the sector. The company has studios in Lithuania and Malta, where live parties are filmed. If you want to play slot machines online, you will have to look for another supplier.

What are the best Gaming Evolution Money Games?

Evolution Gaming is specialized in table games: roulette, baccarat, poker and blackjack, all available in several different variants. The company also offers VIP games, with higher limits.

Where can we find the Gaming Evolution Games?

On all casinos that have opted for its live casino software. As they are not necessarily easy to find, we offer a selection of our favorite sites.

What kind of Evolution Gaming Games Cagnottes offer?

As Evolution Gaming specializes in table games, you can not truly talk about pot, as with slot machines and video poker games. Your gains are always proportional to your bets and also depend on the type of bet you have placed. The minimum bets can be very modest, or on the contrary very high in the case of VIP games.

What does the specificity of Evolution Gaming compared to its competitors?

Evolution Gaming is a Casino game developer specializing in a very special domain, table games, and more particularly live table games. We love many VIP games with their high bet limits, and these are considered by whales as the best online and live online games.

Can we play the Gaming Evolution Games safely?

Yes of course. Evolution Gaming has for partners of regulatory authorities based in several different countries. The company was even chosen to be the first live playwright provider of New Jersey, which recently authorized online gambling. The Evolution Gaming croupiers all benefit from extensive training and are real casino professionals.