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IGT: the king of slot machines

Although it may not be so much about him than some big industry's big sizes, IGT is a software and games provider that, for 40 years, continues to innovate and imagine machines at Underwear ever more playful and surprising. Its productions denote an undeniable know-how and a very unique style. There is only to take a look at the various awards he has received to be released from any doubt.

Playing on one of the best online casinos offering IGT slot machines is interesting to more than one title:

  • IGT has exceptional know-how in casino games and slot machines.
  • The company has won numerous awards rewarding the excellence of its online money games.
  • It has an immense catalog of games, the most original to the most classic.

IGT: from Las Vegas to Rome

IGT, or International Game Technology, is a veteran in casino games. The company was founded in 1975 by William REDD. First of all baptized A-1 Supply, then Sircoma in 1978, it becomes IGT in 1981. Based in Las Vegas, the world capital of the game, IGT takes its rise in the 1980s, becoming a pioneer in terms of programs rewarding The fidelity of the players. At the time, it obviously produces only electronic games for traditional casinos.

Other Top Made of IGT: The launch of the "Nevada Megabucks" slot machine, which was the world's first slot machine in the world to operate on an international network connecting dozens of gambling rooms. In 1996, IGT puts the Point one of his greatest successes: the "Wheel of Fortune" slot machine, which continues to wreak havoc today. At the same time, the company sets out the conquest of playrooms around the world, opening offices in Macao, Mexico, Russia and China. In November 2010, it celebrates the production of its 2 millionth slot machine.

However, a few years later, things turn to vinegar. Shareholders and the Corporate Directory Office clash for a troubleshooting period in July 2014 by the redemption of IGT by Italian Gtech Society for $ 6.4 billion. Gtech, who decided to adopt the IGT name, continues today to produce some of the best money games in the world.

The benefits of IGT casinos

Choosing an IGT casino, it's taking advantage of a company's expertise that has more than forty years of experience in the online casino world, and have the certainty of playing the best money games. For players, it's a guarantee of reliability and trust. IGT's know-how has been recognized many times. The company has thus won several awards rewarding the qualities of its slot machines, winning 35 prizes of Strictly Slots's Best Of Slots Awards.

The IGT catalog is also pure happiness for those who like to play slot machines. The choice is immense, and, as the company has often been at the forefront of innovations, the features of online money games are often very interesting.

Focus on the most famous titles of IGT

IGT was known for its slot machines inspired by the world of television games, such as "the wheel of fortune", "the right price" or "Jeopardy". The developer has also designed many games that are inspired by movies and television series, including "Sex and The City", one of IGT's bestsellers, and "Star Wars". IGT has also been one of the first Casino game developers to launch a multi-level progressive jackpot machines, with "Fort Knox", which has landed in the casinos in 2005.

However, IGT does not propose only slot machines. In the company's catalog, we also find poker video games like "Spin Poker", "Quick Quads", "Ultimate X", "Super Times Pay" and "Triple Chance Poker", as well as table games. Some have revolutionized the history of online money games, like the M-P Series Multi-Player Roulette and Baccarat games, which were unveiled at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas in 2006.

The best online casinos offering Igt slot machines, it's here!

If you are looking for a good online casino IGT, you can not get better. For our Australian readers, we have selected the best IGT online casinos, sites that combine quality, equity and security. Whether you are a fan of roulette, addicted to SLOT MACHINES Australian or passionate about POKER, You will surely find happiness !

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think you need a small catch-up course on IGT? No problem, our FAQ is here to help you!

IGT, what is it?

International Game Technology, or IGT, is a casino electronic game manufacturer specializing in slot machines. The company was created in 1975 in Las Vegas, and was redeemed in 2014 by the Italian Firm Gtech. She designs some of the best money games that are.

What does the IGT Games Catalog look like?

In the IGT catalog, we find essentially slot machines, often inspired by the world of television and cinema. IGT also designs poker video games and table games, for those who do not want to play online slot machines.

What are the most famous Games of IGT?

IGT has signed some of the most famous slot machines, including "Star Wars," Sex and The City "or" Jeopardy ".

Where can we play IGT online slot machines?

In many casinos around the world, but also online, on casino sites that have chosen IGT Slot and Video Poker Slot and Video Software. There are very good, like those we have selected for you. Guests can play from Australian-related machines as well as most of the best online money games.

What kind of jackpots can we pick up IGT's online money games?

Classic jackpots, but also progressive jackpots. These can reach considerable amounts, but be careful, they are not easy to touch!

What makes the specificity of IGT, compared to its competitors?

IGT only offers only slot machines. If you are a fan of roulette or blackjack, its software is not made for you! But as IGT is a specialist in slot machines, his online game games are truly exceptional.

Are IgT slot machines reliable?

Oh yeah ! The company is very famous and has unique know-how, rewarded with dozens of prestigious prices. Security and reliability are obviously essential, and IGT uses the latest technologies to protect players.