Instant payments on online casinos with TEFs

Looking for a safe, fast and convenient payment method for depositing funds on your Casino account? TEF, or electronic background transfer, is an interesting solution and an ideal alternative to credit cards. Discover below our explanations on the TEFs, and our tips for finding the best online casinos using the TEF on the market.

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TEF or instant EFT, what is it?

If the name "Tef" can seem mysterious, this method of payment is of great simplicity. This is a method of electronic transfer of money, which is not only very safe, but also immediate. It can quite use in Australia, online casino sites using TEF, as well as thousands of shops and market sites.

When you pay on an online casino accepting a TEF, you give the order to your bank to file a certain amount on your operator's bank account. You therefore do not use any intermediary, and do not have to entrust your credit card number to your casino, which always has a risk share.

Pay by TEF on online casinos

To power your online casino account via Instant TEF, you need to go to your online banking area. If you do not have, you just have to ask your bank. Then indicate the account number of your operator, and launch the transfer! In some cases, it is possible to make a TEF directly on your online casino, indicating your bank account number in the space provided for this purpose. You will then be asked to check your bank account. To do this, your operator performs a very modest transfer, less than a dollar ca, and asks you to confirm its good reception. Then, let's go! You can deposit online funds on your casino account, and remove your gains with the TEF.

Electronic fund transfers are one of the rare 100% free payment methods.

The benefits of the TEF

The TEFs, on online casinos, offer you a significant security: it is one of the safest ways of payment it is. Indeed, when you deposit funds by electronic instantaneous fund transfer, you do not confide any confidential information to your operator. The payment does not happen at the cash desk of your casino, but on your online banking space, which uses advanced encryption techniques: in terms of safety, it is difficult to do better! Some online casinos with snapshot transfers offer you to register your account number; They protect your information through security techniques worthy of the largest banks.

You are not yet convinced of the interest of the TEF for the online casino? And if you were told that they are totally free, would you change your mind? Yes, Electronic Fund Transfers are one of the rare 100% free payment methods in Australia and around the world. Finally, on online casinos, TEFs are immediate. So, only a few minutes after starting your transfer, you can sit at a roulette, blackjack or Pai Gow table. Not bad is not it ?

The top online casinos accepting TEF

Online casinos accepting the background electronic transfers, there is a lot. It is still necessary to know how to sort, and avoid the on-line operators of dishonest casino, which are ready for everything to pluck you by promising mountains and wonders. Fortunately, we are here to help you! We are online casino pros, and we know how to recognize quality sites.

When we test a site, we start by ensuring its level of security and reliability. It must offer equitable games, thanks to a random numbers generator, and a return rate to interesting players. However, it is not all: we also take into account the professionalism of customer service, the number of payment methods supported, and available bonuses and promotions.

Finally, we examine The choice of real money games. the best online casinos with tef offer hundreds of different games: slot machines, of course, in progressive, video, bonus or classic version, but also table games, scratch card games, bingo and the keno. these online casino sites accept payments by tef, which will allow you to deposit funds quickly and safely. to test as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the electronic instantaneous fund transfer?

The TEF, or EFT in English, is simply a transfer from your bank account. It can take a few days, or be immediate, in which case we are talking about instant instant funding.

How it works ?

The TEF functions as a conventional transfer. To pay online, you need to apply to your bank, or launch a transfer from your banking space on the Internet.

Is it possible to use the TEF to deposit funds on a casino account?

Yes of course ! All online casinos, or almost, accept classic transfers and TEF.

Is it reliable?

Yes. TEFs are among the safest electronic payment methods. Since it is you who give the order to your bank to initiate the transfer, there is no intermediary, and you have to entrust personal data to anyone.

Are deposits and withdrawals are fast?

Classic transfers do not shine by their speed. It takes several days for the money to be fired from one account to another. The instantaneous TEFs are immediately immediate, as their name suggests.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the TEF?

Electronic fund transfers offer you maximum security; They are more reliable than check payments or credit card. They are also the advantage of being free. Disadvantage side, there is virtually nothing to report.

Should we pay fees?

No. Electronic fund transfers are completely free, both for deposits and with withdrawals. It should be noted, however, that some operators charge fees on withdrawals; Ask your casino so as not to have a bad surprise.