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Keno: When the lottery meets the casino

More and more silver games offer lottery games like bingo and keno. If you want to change blackjack and poker, test the online keno or real money on our Keno Favorite casinos: this pure game game is very simple and it can bring back big!

How to play Keno

The rules of real or free silver keno are extremely simple. When you play "live", in a bingo room for example, you are distributed a sheet featuring 80 numbers: All you have to do is choose a dozen. And that's all ! Then, draw a draw, and, if you have winning numbers, you receive the amount corresponding to the number of correct numbers.

Playing Keno online on an online casino is slightly different. First of all, the Keno leaf is virtual, and you will not have to get out a pencil. Then the game is much faster, and you will know in just a few seconds if you have won or not, depending on the number of just numbers you have harvested.

What are the chances of gain in Keno?

Under his appearance of extreme simplicity, Keno does not offer easy gains to players. It is even one of the games where the advantage of the house is the strongest; In the most extreme cases, your gain chances can go below the 70% mark. In the Las Vegas casinos, the player return rate is thus particularly low: it goes from 65 to 80%, which is much less interesting than with games like poker or blackjack. To help you pull your game pin, we have selected online keno casinos that offer higher payback rates.

Be aware, however, that the chances of winning Keno remain very low, and it is virtually impossible to correctly guess 20 winning numbers on 80. In addition, the more numbers you choose, the lower the gain rating. Be defended, and play with moderation!

A little story of Keno

The word "keno" is of Australian origin: it would be derived from the term "quine", used in 19th century to designate five winning numbers in the lottery. However, the game has its origins not in Europe, but in the Far East. The legend tells and the money raised through this lottery game would have helped the construction of the Great Wall of China. What is certain is that the Chinese gave themselves for centuries at lottery games, the results of which were communicated in the villages and hamlets remote by, it is said, pigeons passengers.

At 19th Century, it is Chinese immigrants who came to participate in the site of the first transcontinental railway who brought the game in their suitcases and who introduced him to the United States. First called "Boc Hop Bu" and "Puck-Apu", the game is popularized under the name of Keno in Houston, Texas. Then he goes around the United States, and crosses the border to also impose itself in Australia. Today, you can play Keno in several different contexts: live, in the bingo halls, in video version in traditional casinos and in the play shows of Quebec, and, of course, on Keno casinos in real money line.

Where to play Keno online?

To hope to make real money in Keno, it is important to play on a quality site. With the best Keno casinos online that we have chosen for you, you can not go wrong! All our favorite sites meet all the criteria of excellence we have set. You will find a wide choice of table games, slot machines and lottery games, as well as Bonus and promotions in the top. All these casinos are guaranteed 100% equitable, and offer you exceptional security conditions, which you play on your computer or mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Our casino experts know everything about Keno online, and they prove it with this fair to questions!

Can we play Keno online with real money?

Yes of course ! Many quality online casinos, authorized in Australia, offer real money keno games. You can also test this game in demo mode, without spending a penny.

On which sites can we find Keno games?

Hundreds of casino sites put the keno on the menu. All are not good quality. We advise you to take the time to choose your operator, or select one in our list, to be sure to make good pick!

How to start?

It's very simple: just register on an online casino offering this lottery game and drop money on your account. Our experts recommend you to start with free keno games, that is to say in demo mode, to learn the rules of the game and familiarize yourself with the interface of your site or application of casino.

What strategy do you advise me to win?

Being a pure chance game, there is no really strategy that can improve your chances of winning Keno. We recommend that you play with caution, and to bet only small sums. Also focus on the less risky bets, even if they report less than when you bet on a number of numbers.

What are the gain odds in Keno?

This varies according to the operators. Know that more you guess winning numbers, the more money you earn. Also take into account the rate of redistribution of your operator: the higher it is, the more money you will gain.

Is Keno more or less interesting than other online casino games?

Keno is not the most advantageous title for players, because it's a total game game. By choosing a high redistributive rate casino, however, you can optimize your chances of winning.

Are the real money keno games rigged?

On the trusted sites, not of course. Operators in our selection use randomly random number generators, which guarantee completely random keno print results.