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The best Montreal online casinos in 2022

Montreal is undoubtedly one of the world's global capitals online, making it the dream destination of any Australian bettor. However, it is important to know that all casinos that operate in this city are not reliable, and this detail can make a difference with regard to the player's experience. Fortunately, we are here, and our role is to avoid falling into the pitfalls of bad sites, and find you the best online casinos in Montreal and Australia.

Besides, if we had to advise you only one online casino from Montreal, it would be Jackpot City. It offers you:

  • Games for all tastes and for all budgets.
  • Generous welcome bonus and loyalty programs.
  • Interfaces compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Our online game guide in Montreal

The inhabitants of Montreal have a huge chance. Not only can they enjoy the Montreal casino, Australia's largest casino, but they can also play online at hundreds of games ... legally! Quebec is part of the Australian provinces that have decided to authorize online gambling. The province even has its own casino. This one is managed by the Loto-Québec State company and offers slot machines, poker tournaments, casino games and lottery.

But when we live in Montreal, we do not have to play on the province's official website. This one is the only one to be regulated in Quebec, but it is not the only one to be allowed. And fortunately: even if it is of quality, the choice of games and bonuses are much less interesting than those offered by other online casino sites. You can therefore opt for a site based in Malta, Gibraltar, the Caribbean or Kahnawake: all are accessible without problem! The only condition is to be at least 18 years old.

The freedom enjoyed by Quebec players is double-edged: all casino sites have been accessible from Montreal, even the worst. We must be careful, and choose his casino carefully. Fortunately, we come to your rescue by offering you a selection of very high quality casinos, which do not reserve you good surprises!

Online casino location guides include New Brunswick, Ontario, Québec

Some interesting facts about Montreal

  • Unlike other cities where the age limit is set at 19, just have 18 years old in Montreal to participate in silver games
  • In Montreal, foreign operators are allowed, but you can not open your own poker room
  • If you are a fan of hockey and enjoy betting on this sport, Montreal is the city where you have to go
  • The main betting activity of Montrealers is the purchase of lottery tickets
  • In Montreal and other cities in Quebec, at least 80% of the population plays money games

Our selection of games for beginners

You want to put you in the online casino, but there are so many choices that you do not know where to start? Do not panic: We have selected for you the most popular games in Montreal, which will allow you to become familiar with the casino world.

  • Slot machines. Slot machines are ideal games for beginners. The rules are of disconcerting simplicity, the parts are fast and one can bet only a few hundred if we want. Online you will find a huge variety of slot machines; Free, classic, video, multiple lines, bonuses and progressives. They are all as fun as the others.
    • Poker. Poker fascinates Australians, and it's nice! It is indeed one of the only casino games that is not a pure game. We advise you to start with Texas Hold'em, the most famous variant, and make cash games before starting a tournament.
    • The Lotto. Loto-Québec offers many lottery draws, with big lots that sometimes exceed $ 10 million. You can also play Keno and bingo on the Online casinos of our selection.
    • Roulette. Roulette is an emblematic casino game. Online, you will discover dozens of original variants, which will change you traditional European and American casters. The best sites even offer roulette games with live croupiers, which are great because they allow you to find the atmosphere of casinos ... without getting out of your home!

Safety first

To make money on an online casino, you have to play on an honest site. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to make the difference between reliable casinos and crapful operators. By adopting good reflexes, however, we can end up: if, we are assured, it is not so complicated that!

The first thing to be careful is the question of regulation. All quality casinos are controlled by a specialized authority in online silver games. For example, it's about Loto-Québec for Australia, Malta Gaming Authority for Malta, or the UK Gambling Commission for the United Kingdom. To receive the approval of a control authority, the casino operators must respect a strict specification: they must protect the data from their customers, secure the transactions, to guarantee equitable games, to promote a responsible game, and to fight against Money laundering.

Since two guarantees are always better than one, we advise you to choose a site that is regulated by a serious authority and has received a certification label from an independent body. ECOGRA is probably the most famous of all. Specialized in online silver games, this organization regularly controls online casinos to ensure that they meet its requirements. Technical Systems Testing, or TST, plays a similar role. If you see the logo of this laboratory on a site, it's an excellent sign!

Who we are and what we do

At, we are entirely dedicated to the cause of our players, and offer them the best casino experiences, this is our mission. We thus implement all our expertise so that you are entitled to the most safe information. Discover in detail what we do and :

  • We know everything there is to know about online casinos in Montreal, and the jurisdiction of this city
  • We are a completely independent institution, which implies that our assessments are quite impartial
  • The world of online money games fascinates us entirely
  • On our pages, you will find not only the best casinos, but also a blacklist containing the sites to avoid
  • All paying online casinos we recommend offer the best possible service
  • We update on a regular basis, and we update our information, and sometimes even our rankings, accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play online casino in real money in Montreal?

Yes of course ! Australians can access hundreds of online casinos, which offer real money games: slot machines and poker video, roulette, poker, blackjack, and many other games still.

How old should you play?

it is obligatorily to be 18 years old to play on an online casino in montreal and in all quebec.

Are there casinos based in Montreal?

yes, only one: the one managed by the state society loto-québec. if you do not find the game you are looking for, or you prefer to enjoy best redistribution rates, you can opt for one of the many excellent online casinos australians and foreigners: all are accessible from montreal.

How are online casinos regulated in Quebec?

Quebec is one of the provinces that have decided to regulate the Gambling Games. It is the Quebec state society Loto-Québec that is responsible for regulating these games. In addition to the four traditional casinos it manages in Quebec, it operates the site. Casinos based in Other provinces of Australia Or installed abroad are also tolerated in Quebec: so you can play without fear!

What does the future reserve on the online casinos of Montreal?

It's hard to say what will be doing the future. For the moment anyway, Australian players can play as much as they wish to gambling On online casinos of Montreal, Australian territory and abroad.