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Neteller: a virtual wallet to play the casino

In the large family of electronic portfolios, we present here Neteller, a safe and reliable e-wallet, which is supported by thousands of online shops. Before using this electronic portfolio to bet on an online casino, read this page carefully, where we tell you everything about the operation of this method of payment, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

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A little story of Neteller

The story of Neteller begins in 1999, when the electronic payments company is created in Australia. Five years later, the company moves, and crosses the Atlantic Ocean to settle in the UK, on the island of Man. Today, the company offers its services in more than 200 countries, and accepts about fifteen currencies, including the CA dollar. Players can therefore make withdrawals on online casinos as well as high-cost deposits using this method.

Neteller has always had a privileged relationship with the online casino sector. From 2000, she started working in partnership with Silver Games Sites. In the early 2000s, the company threatened more than 90% of its profits on transfers on online casinos and bookmakers. It has, however, withdrawn from the US market in 2006, and decided to diversify its activities. Its electronic portfolio is always supported by hundreds of online casino sites.

The benefits of neteller

Neteller offers all the benefits of e-wallets. This is in no way an online bank, but an account you use to make web purchases without entrusting your personal and bank data to merchant sites. To validate a deposit on an online casino via NETELLER electronic portfolio, simply indicate your email address and password you have chosen. And that's all ! This system is high reliability, which explains that it has so many followers.

NETELLER has other assets: payments are immediate, the fees are relatively modest, and you can also use your electronic portfolio to make a removal on an online casino accepting this method.

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Neteller and the online casino: the case of Australia

Neteller's major disadvantage is that it does not allow transactions on online casinos in Australia. Indeed, the legislation on online silver games being blurred in our country, the company has decided not to accept payments and withdrawals on casinos and bookmakers. However, you can use NETELLER to make online purchases without any problem.

Know that Neteller is not the only company to have adopted this policy: PayPal did the same. Fortunately for Australian players, Neteller online casino sites accept other means of payment. There is even a solution to use your Neteller account to play roulette, slot machines, Pai Gow or Blackjack: The Neteller Prepaid Card.

The Neteller Prepaid Card: the solution for Australians

Make a purchase on an online casino with Neteller in Australia, it's possible with the Neteller prepaid card. This one is linked to your NETELLER account, which means that you can only spend the money that is there, no more. Ideal for controlling your expenses! This prepaid card is a MasterCard, which means it is accepted on almost all online casinos, in Australia and around the world.

Thanks to this card, those who like to use e-mail portfolios to bet can use Neteller on an online casino, to make transactions. As this is a physical card, you can then use it to remove funds to an ATM, or make your purchases at the supermarket, without money going on your bank account.

The best Online Casinos Neteller

Finding a quality online casino quality is not necessarily simple. There are indeed so many money game operators who are quickly lost, and that it can be difficult to spot dishonest sites. It is therefore to help you play online in excellent conditions that we have selected the best Online Neteller Casinos on which you can make deposits, at no high cost and use an electronic wallet for betting.

To do this, we tested dozens of sites, and noticed them on a whole series of criteria: the quality of real money games, equity, the rate of return to players, security and data protection. NETELLER online casinos that we advise you use all the necessary security measures. But that's not all: they accept payments by Neteller, and offer very generous welcome bonuses as well as pretty loyalty programs. We have also tested their customer services, which have seduced us through their availability and effectiveness. On all planes, these online casinos are real champions. Go quickly discover them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Neteller, what is it?

NETELLER is an electronic wallet that allows you to make online shopping, send money to your loved ones, make deposits, at no high cost and receive transfers. It is somehow offering an intermediary between your credit card or your bank account and the merchant sites, which allows you to pay without confiding confidential information.

How it works ?

Neteller works very simply. First of all, you must create a NETELLER account, deposit funds or link it to your bank account. Then, on your online casino, Neteller allows you to make deposits using your email address and password.

Is it possible to use Neteller to make deposits and withdrawals on online casinos?

Yes, of course, because many operators accept Neteller. However, the problem is that Internet users residing in Australia can not use NETELLER to play online game games. The solution is to use the PREPAY MASTERCARD MASTERCARD CARD, which is accepted throughout the MasterCard network.

Are the payments via NETELLER safe?

Yes, very safe. Neteller is a serious corporation, which implements all the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and fight against fraud. In addition, as you can pay online by simply indicating an email address and a password, you do not entrust your banking information to third parties.

What are the delays of withdrawals and deposits on online casinos with MasterCard?

Deposits are immediate, but withdrawals take longer. Neteller online casino sites need a minimum day to process your request, in the best case.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Neteller?

Neteller works like electronic wallets Paypal and Skrill. It allows equally safe and fast payments. His major disadvantage, we said above, is the fact that Australians are prohibited to use Neteller on online casinos.

Is this service paying?

Feed your Neteller account may be paid, depending on the deposit method used. If you opt for the bank transfer, you will not have to pay fees. For other payment methods, a commission ranging from 1 to 7% will be charged. The NETELLER PREPAID MASTERCARD card costs $ 13 Australian dollars.