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Reviews 2022 on the hot slot slot machine

rtp: 95%
payment rate: 95%
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combining simplicity, creativity and profitability, hot slot is a slot machine that has already conquered the heart of more than one. if his classic theme attracts veterans in search nostalgic experience, on the other hand, its modern side and one of his innovative features that earned him success in the ranks of the parivers of the new generation. you will have it included: this online casino game is therefore a scientist mix between classicism and modernity. in addition, it is quite lucrative, offering a sacred jackpot that lucky bettors have the opportunity to win in a single party. in this Hot Slot Reviews, you will have more details on all the opportunities for earnings as the machine contains. here is already what makes this game unique and quite worthy of interest :

game type
free tricks
mise min/max
0.01$ a 5$

How to play Hot Slot in 5 easy steps

If you have already found in this Review 2022 on Hot Slot some convincing elements to launch some rotations, here's what you have to do to start a game.

  1. Launch the machine and wait for the end of the load
  2. click on the validation button to make the window disappear which appears in the foreground
  3. make sure you choose the amount you want to bet through keys on the left of the rollers
  4. Choose a slot machine among the proposed on top of the rollers
  5. press the green button located at the end left and down your game interface to start rotations

The most and the least hot slot

if all the lights seem to be green for this machine to under, negative aspects are still to impute. they are highlighted in the following table.

  • the machine uses simple algorithms promoting unwilling sessions
  • this is a game rather profitable with a fairly high jackpot
  • the presence of a functionality innovative boosting rtp to more than 100%
  • the game offers a very interesting design and uses beauty symbols
The lessers
  • there are very few features available to have fun and amass big
  • the rate of theoretical redistribution 95% proposed is a little weak

Hot Slot Key Features

in this Hot Slot Reviews you will know more about compatibility mobile game, its bonuses, performance, graphics, and much more.

Graphic and sound animation
payment rate
gaming pleasure
Jackpot and Bonus Games
Compatibility with mobiles
"the highlights of hot slot are the experience quality it offers, its perfect compatibility with all devices mobiles and its visual presentation. in our opinion, this game will satisfy all types of tastes. "
Jean-Claude Gagnon expert
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What players love about Hot Slot

Graphics and gaming experience

With classic themes, designers of Online Money Games do not usually focus on the graphic quality, but it's the opposite here. barcrest has granted a care particular to the quality of the graphics.

the hot slot slot machine includes 5 rollers, 3 rows and a dozen lines of payment. the icons are fruit, bells, doubles blue, red and golden colors and bar symbols. the most lucrative symbol is the 7 double double that can bring gains up to 2,500 times the starting start.

Hot Slot Bonus And Jackpots

Realizing this Hot Slot Reviews, we have been impressed by his bonuses, starting with the "wild" icon, which is the joker and can replace any other game symbol. moreover, hot slot pays in both directions, giving yor more opportunities to make real money.

an original feature allows you, before the start of a game, to choose a machine in under those located above the rollers. you receive the equivalent of your bet if the chosen machine is the one that is revealed at the end of a countdown.

Play Hot Slot on Mobile

hot slot has been designed with a technology to play not only on a pc, but also from a mobile device. whether you are a user IOS mobile device or a system adept android operating, you will be able to access without difficulty as such on your smartphone or on your table.

the rollers rotate with fluidity, and the parts take place without interruption when we have a good stable internet connection: a real treat. to play, you have no download to do. everything will be held in mode instantaneous ; just make sure you have an excellent updated browser.

Casinoenline Verdict

hot slot is not the most exciting game, but we must admit that it there are many positives to bring to his credit and who make it an option of entertainment that deserves some rotations. with a jackpot of 250 000 €, this title has enough to dream the players. in addition to the selection feature of machine that is innovative and quite generous when you are lucky, the developer proposed a flaw mode that will certainly interest the bettors who have the gout of risk and who are not cold in the eyes when it comes to bet big. if we consider all that this game has to offer, our Review 2022 on Hot can not to settle only by a conclusive verdict. it's a slot machine that we recommend so!

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FAQ sur Hot Slot

In addition to this Review 2022 on Hot Slot, discover here a faq that will allow you to absolutely know everything about the game.

Are the results of each turn totally random?

yes. hot slot has been designed according to fair gaming practicesof each part. the probabilities of obtaining a given result are the same at the beginning of each partof each part.

Is the designer of this machine worthy of confidence?

absolutely. barcrest is a developer whose reputation is no longer to do. he has never been involved in software rigging stories or dubious affairs.

Do I have the opportunity to play in demo mode?

Of course. We propose to our readers a Free version of the game and recommend an excellent online casino on which play in real mode.

Are there exclusive bonuses to play this slot machine?

hot slot is not a newly released game. there has been since 2016. the probability that you have entitled to a exclusive bonus to play there is weak. that said, regular casino offers should without concern you can enjoy it.

Is the jackpot of this game progressive?

no. the hot slot jackpot is fixed. however, it's not so bad, because when a slot machine is progressive, its return rate to the player becomes weaker, which makes prices more difficult to be won.

can i play the hot slot slot machine on my windows phone?

yes, you can. in addition to the devices running with the android operating system, smartphones and tablets operating under ios, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc. allow you to take advantage of this title.

What is the biggest gain got on this game?

Hot slot not being a progressive game comme mega moolah where the jackpot can rise to millions, there is not much advertisements around gains. however, given the title configuration, we are persuaded that gains are often obtained by playing it. you may be the first to clamor have won a very big amount here, who knows!

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