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Notice 2022 on the Wild Panda slot machine

rtp: 94.36%
payment rate: 94.36%
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The Wild Panda slot machine of Aristocrat Gaming has 5 rolls and 100 lines of payment and highlights the Panda, a giant mammal that is part of the eastern cultural wealth. If you Play Wild Panda onlineyou will see that the game offers a most magnificent graphical universe, with the key, some bonus features that allow earn money real while taking pleasure. Read this Notice 2022 on Wild Panda which presents you in detail the main features of the slot machine. However, here is a small summary of what awaits you on this title:

game type
free tricks
mise min/max
0.1$ a 50$

How to play Wild Panda in 5 easy steps

Whether you are a regular from the slot machines or not, you will not have any trouble to Play Wild Panda online. Nevertheless, here are 5 easy steps to play to play:

  1. Open the game window on your casino and let load
  2. Click on the payment table to discover all the symbols present
  3. Change the denomination of parts by rotation
  4. Place a set of your choice according to your budget
  5. Launch the game by clicking the rotation key

The most and the least of Wild Panda

The Wild Panda slot machine is a frank success in many ways, and if it continues to pack players for its many assets, some defects, however, could be improved so that the experience is overall perfect. Let's recap that here.

  • There are many gain opportunities with in particular up to 100 lines of payment offered
  • The game integrates enough bonus features to boost playability
  • The graphic universe and the sound animations are impressive
  • We can play from all devices, PCs like mobiles
The lessers
  • The game lacks some ergonomics
  • RTP (94.36%) is below the average of the betting industry, which is not very motivating

The key features of Wild Panda

To give you our Notice 2022 on Wild PandaWe have evaluated all its aspects: bonus features, graphic animations, sound effects, gaming experience, remuneration and mobile compatibility.

Graphic and sound animation
payment rate
gaming pleasure
Jackpot and Bonus Games
Compatibility with mobiles
"The strengths of Wild Panda are its dynamic features, its fluid mobile experience and decent payments. In our opinion, it is a creation that will be fast among the favorites of the players who did not know her yet. "
Jean-Claude Gagnon expert
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What players love about Wild Panda

Graphics and gaming experience

Thanks to the graphics in HD, it is a real pleasure to play Wild Panda online. The symbols are beautiful and wonderfully go with the theme. You will see a Chinese lute, a golden fish, a golden room, a flower and an umbrella, not to mention the usual icons of poker cards ranging from 9 to the AS.

All conditions are met for you to enjoy the most fluid experience possible. In a few clicks, you can place your bets. Use the Autoplay function to start parts automatically, and multiply your earnings with the Gamble function.

Wild Panda Bonus and Jackpots

Like most Online slot machines, Wild Panda offers bonuses and pretty jackpots. The Joker Panda appears only during the free tricks, where he plays his usual role of substitution. The dispersion symbol does not trigger free turns, but grants all kinds of gains. When the word P-A-N-D-A appears, you get 5 free turns. And when it appears 5 times, the Panda allows you to pick up the jackpot, which is 2000 x the bet. With bets ranging from 10 cents to $ 50 per turn, the game is accessible to everyone.

Play Wild Panda Mobile

Aristocrat has not limited this slot machine to PC users. He optimized his game for mobile to make it accessible from smartphones and tablets. So you can play Wild Panda without any problem on Android, iOS and Windows.

The graphic quality of Wild Panda on mobile is as good as on PC. The same is true for functionality and global experience. To play from mobile, you have two options: download free software on the App Store or Play Store or directly access the game from the browser of your terminal.

Casinoenline Verdict

The securities inspired by Asian culture are renowned for their entertaining character, and the Wild Panda slot machine is a true example, since through its captivating graphics and unique features, it really gives pleasure. The gains side, the developer did not do things half either, and we saw it well in this opinion on Wild Panda, including his many payment lines and his interesting jackpot. Basically, it's a title worth the detour, but if you want to play on a real money casino, make sure you first of all trainer.

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FAQ sur Wild Panda

After doing a horizon on this detailed presentation of the Wild Panda slot machine, it is still possible that you have questions. If it's really the case, so take a look at this FAQ.

How often does the Wild Panda slot machine pay?

The Wild Panda slot machine belongs to the category of Casino games online Medium volatility, which means it generates gains at a rather reasonable frequency.

How much should you have to access the title?

With only 10 cents, you can start rotations on this game in real mode. But if your capital allows you, know that you can bet up to $ 50 per turn, which represents the ceiling.

What is the maximum jackpot?

2 000x The initial bet. No need to clarify that if you place the maximum bet and that luck smiles at you, you will have a nice spacle that you can withdraw without problem, if you take the care of play on a secure casino.

Should we expect a progressive jackpot?

No. Unfortunately, this title does not integrate progressive jackpot. However, this does not really pose a problem because potential ordinary gains are not at all negligible. Also, with the bonus features present, you can quickly boost your gains.

Is Wild Panda compatible with mobile?

Yes, especially as we are in an era where smartphones and tablets seem to dominate the betting industry. The game adapts automatically to Supports running under iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows. The quality of the graphics on mobile devices is amazing!

Can I access the game for free?

Of course. The Wild Panda Slot Machine is available in free mode on online aristocrat gaming partners than on simple game magazine sites. That being, you can train with the game as many times as you want before playing for real money on a Casino without download.

How to remove my gains in case of victory?

For remove your money, simply go to the bank options page of your site and request a withdrawal. Depending on the chosen method, it should take between 1 day and one week.

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