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PLAYTECH: the casino in all its states

Playtech: Here's a name you have probably heard if you are a fan of online money games. In this article, we invite you to discover this great name for silver games, known for its Australian-related machines, live games and poker network.

Playtech is an excellent choice if you want to:

  • Play hundreds of games, on your computer or mobile.
  • Take advantage of the expertise of a leader in online casinos software.
  • Participate in games and poker tournaments for real money.

Back on the story of Playtech

It is in Estonia that the story of Playtech begins. In 1999, the Israeli businessman Teddy Sagi founded the company in the city of Tartu. Thanks to partnerships with actors from the casino world, software development and multimedia, he launches, in 2001, his first casino software. The success is at the rendezvous, and Playtech quickly becomes one of the leaders in the online money game design at the international level.

Yet Playtech has seen some hard shots like, in particular, the transition from Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 in the United States, which caused a 40% drop in the shares of the company. But Playtech has been able to get up, in particular with diversification. The company has acquired several companies specializing in online poker, bingo and lottery. Now located in the Isle of Man, Playtech employs more than 5000 people in thirteen different countries, and the developer has the reputation of designing the best money games.

The benefits offered by Playtech Games

Even though, with 15 years of barely existence, Playtech is a small young person next to the other major giants of the casino, the company has been able to establish itself by the quality and diversity of its offer. She has more than one rope. In addition to classic casino games, she manages online poker networks, offers games with live croupiers, online bingo, lottery, progressive jackpots and sports betting machines. Excuse little! In addition, Playtech is recognized for the excellence of its mobile games, which use HTML5 technology, which are compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets.

If Playtech casinos are secure values, it is also because the company does not only provide casino games. It offers a battery of services to casino operators, customer service to banking systems through Internet hosting, fraud prevention or live casino management. Players have the guarantee of playing on the best online casinos offering slot machines and other playtech games.

The best playtech silver games

The Playtech catalog is rather provided: it counts more than 500 games, and this number continues to grow, with about fifty new titles a year. It is difficult to present only a few! Table games with live croupiers from Playtech are renowned for their quality; include, inter alia, Roulette games, from Blackjack and of baccara live. These games also come in VIP, for players who want to bet big money. For those who want to play slot machines, the choice is also very varied.

In addition, Playtech has released many games in partnership with groups like HBO, Marvel, NBC Universal and MGM. "Little Britain", inspired by the British comedy of the same name, "Iron Man", "X Men" and "Daredevil" are some particularly successful examples of the alliance between cinema, television and slot machines. Finally, mention the excellent online Playtech poker network, which is one of the largest in the world.

Our selection of the best online casinos offering slot machines and other playtech games

If all this convinced you, and you want to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Playtech games, have the right reflex: choose one of the sites we have tested and approved for you. In this way, you put all the cards on your side to play in good conditions. Fair Games, Reliable Software, Secure Transactions, Data Protection, Effective Customer Services, Excellent mobile applications and generous promotions, our Playtech casinos really have everything to please. Try them as soon as possible: You will tell us about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

The unanswered questions, we do not like that at Our experts thus put a point of honor to answer all the questions of the Internet users.

Playtech, what is it?

Playtech is a British company specializing in the design of casino game software. It was founded in 1999 by Teddy Sagi in Estonia, and claims to be the largest supplier of casino software in the world.

Which games does society propose?

The Playtech catalog is just as provided as varied. There are classic casino games such as slot machines, blackjack, roulette or craps, bingo games, scratch card games, live games and mobile games, but also sports betting and an online poker network.

What are the best playtech silver games?

Ipoker, Playtech's poker network, is renowned for its quality. In casino, its games with live dealers are very popular by Internet users, as well as Little Britain, Iron Man, High Way Kings, Pink Panther, Baywatch, Funky Fruits and Fantastic Four.

Where can we find Australian-style machines and other Playtech games?

So there is not very difficult! Playtech's software is extremely present on online casinos, and you will not have any trouble finding a site that offers them. The ease solution is to look for the ideal site in our selection of operators, who are all legal in Australia and who are very reliable.

How to win?

Our first tip is to register on a quality site: it will make all the difference. You can reach interesting bonuses, and play online slot machines and all other playtech games in excellent security conditions. Then, whatever the game you choose, always be careful. Remember little, systematically put some of your gains aside, and stop playing when you feel that you let go.

Why choose Playtech software rather than other developers?

PLAYTECH software certainly are not the only ones to be interesting and original. Their main advantage is that they are found very easily online. PLAYTECH also has the diversity of its catalog. Everyone will find his account!

Can we rely on PLAYTECH software?

Yes No problem ! The seriousness of British society is no longer to demonstrate.

Is it possible that the playtech games are rigged?

No. On that side, Playtech games are absolutely irreproachable, be it progressive jackpot machines or any other title. There are certainly smoked games online, but it's not at Playtech you'll find them!