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Pontoon: Zoom on a unknown casino game

The real money pontoon intrigues but you do not dare to get started? You're at the right address ! Our online casino specialists take stock for you on this British version of the famous Blackjack. From its origin to its rules through the best strategy to adopt, you will know everything about this exciting and unjustly unknown game. And to help you find the ideal address, we tested dozens of casino operators.

The Blackjack and Pontoon websites we have selected are part of the cream of online casino cream in Australia and abroad. They offer you:

  • Excellent online blackjack games with beautiful graphics.
  • Faultless security, and the protection of all your data and transactions.
  • Many bonuses and promotions generous and easy to touch.

Pontoon: Portrait of a cousin of blackjack

le blackjack has several faces. On one side, there is twenty-one, the game to which we played at the 18thth Century at the yard of the kings of Australia and that Napoleon adored, and who gave birth to the famous casino game. On the other, there is the "Pontoon", the British version of the Blackjack, which has the particularity of never really being codified.

On online pontoon casinos, the rules of this game vary greatly. The only thing to remember is that we have to forget the rules of online blackjack: even if these games have a common origin, they are very different. The value of the cards, it is true, is the same as at the classic real money blackjack: the heads are worth ten points and the AS 1 or 11 points, to choose, while the other cards have their face value. The goal of the game is also similar, since it is necessary to get to the maximum score of 21 without ever going over.

One of the main differences between Blackjack and Pontoon is due to the fact that the Pontoon dealer can decide whether he stops or he draws a new card whatever his score, while in Blackjack, he must stop S He gets a score equal to or greater than 17, and pull a new card with a lower score. By playing the Pontoon on online casinos, you will discover other amazing rules. For example, players double their bet when they have a total equal to or less with five cards. And when they get a 14, they can get rid of their cards and draw two news.

Put every chance on your side

Giving strategy advice is not easy because the rules of the game can vary a lot of a Pontoon online casino to another. In general, a score is worth greater than 17. If you get a 15 or a 16, you can request a new croupier card, but do not increase by the issues. Otherwise, you risk losing your game, which would be a shame if you play real money!

The "Split" rule, which consists of separating two cards of the same value by creating two different hands, must always be applied when you get two AS. On the other hand, with two 10, two kings, two queens or two valets, it's more delicate. It's up to you to make the right choice! If you feel lost, do not panic: Online, the best Pontoon casinos clearly explain the rules, and guide you as needed.

The basics of the strategy for beginners

If you have just registered on an online casino line to play Pontoon, our first tip is not going too fast. To make real money, you have to take your time and not to be in a hurry. First step: playing in demo mode, in fictitious silver, to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game without taking a risk.

Then you can go deposit funds on your account and start "for real". The above strategy tips will prove to be well useful, but not sufficient. The secretoon's secret on online casinos is the management of your funds. Play small sums, get your bets gradually, and systematically put a part of your earnings. You will understand it: it is by tightening the cords of its purse that one becomes an Ace du Pontoon and blackjack online!

The best online casinos to play Pontoon

In Australia, there are hundreds of online casinos. The problem is that all are not quality, and all do not offer real money pontoon games. The solution, to easily find a good address, it's just to follow the advice of our online casino and pontoon experts.

The sites of our selection meet all our criteria of excellence: security, equity, quality, diversity and assistance. This is the best online pontoon casinos. Of course, these sites are 100% legal in Australia: to play safely, we do not do it better!

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about the Pontoon find their answers below, with the excellent FAQ we dedicated to this exciting game!

The Pontoon, what is it?

The Pontoon is a British variant of Blackjack, which has particularity to use only one set of 52 cards. The goal of the game is the same as that of classic blackjack: you have to approach the maximum score of 21 points, without ever going over.

How do we play?

At Pontoon, any player can be banker. Normally, it is the player who receives the first a valet who holds this role. The goal, for other players, is to beat the banker by getting the best hand possible. The "Pontoon", that is to say two cards totaling 21 points, is the best hand of the game.

Can we play the pontoon in real money?

Yes, fortunately, because it's still more fun! Online, you will find real money pontoon games, but also free games, which will help you discover the game and progress.

On which websites can we play this game?

On many Australian and foreign online casinos. Pontoon is not the most famous casino game, of course, but it's still offered by excellent sites

Can we make a lot of money playing the Pontoon?

Yes of course ! Like classic blackjack, Pontoon offers beautiful gain chances to players. By training and playing seriously, you can actually round up your end of the month on the online pontoon tables.

What to do to increase my chances of winning?

We advise you to train in fictitious money, in demo mode, before you start real money. This will allow you to learn the rules of the game without taking a risk. Then know that the management of your bankroll is the key to success.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the pontoon compared to similar games?

The Pontoon is a rather original blackjack variant, which is quite rare in Australia's casinos. If your favorite operator offers, do not hesitate to test it to vary the pleasures!

I would like to try the Pontoon for free. Is it possible ?

Yes. The best online casinos offer their customers the opportunity to test their games for free, with fictitious tokens. Ideal to discover the game and find out if you like it without getting your hand to the Portemonnaie!