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How to enter the VIP program of an online casino

Food and free consumption to upgrade to the hotel or even free stays, there are many advantages to being a flawer or a "whale" in Las Vegas. But online, you can also be a VIP, thanks to the generous casino loyalty programs.

And to be a VIP, it's not only good for the ego. This is also good at your bankroll: Casino VIP clubs offer a lot of exclusive benefits to the most loyal players. Special bonuses Faster withdrawals Passing through personalized follow-up, discover all the assets of VIP programs.

The benefits of Casino VIP programs

Although VIP programs vary from casino to casino, there are often the same types of benefits:

  • Special bonuses. Being a VIP allows you to enjoy tailor-made bonuses: bonus deposit, anniversary bonus or monthly bonus, you are spoiled for choice.
  • Quick withdrawals. On the best online casinos, withdrawals generally take from 48 to 72 hours. Some loyalty clubs offer you turbo withdrawals, only in 24 hours.
  • Custom follow-up. A question, a doubt, a technical concern? Contact your account manager, which follows you and helps you solve your problems.
  • Loyalty points. When one is a VIP, loyalty points accumulate faster when you play real money in poker, roulette I am craps.
  • Invitations to exclusive events. Some casinos organize tournaments and challenges reserved for their most loyal players, with pretty rewards at the key.

On the menu in VIP programs online casinos: bonuses, promotions and full of other surprises.

How to enter a VIP club

To be part of a Casino VIP program, it is not enough to register: it would be too easy! In general, loyalty clubs work with a point system. You touch loyalty points every time you Play real money on the casino. Once you have reached a number of points, you are admitted to the VIP Club! Then, to climb the ladder, we must continue to get points.

Sometimes too, some casinos invite to their VIP club players who have a large deposit, or have an account for several years. You can also go to the pellet, and write a message to the customer service of your casino to ask if you can enjoy its VIP club ... we never know, it can work.

Also know that it's not because you have reached the coveted "Gold" status that you will always stay there. You have to play regularly and a lot to stay a VIP. Otherwise, you will be downgraded from one level. It's not the end of the world, obviously: what matters is to have fun playing, we are a VIP or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still hesitate to become a VIP, or if you do not know how to choose your online casino, see our FAQs quickly: you will find the very relevant answers from our experts to the questions we are asking us most often.

Casinos for VIP, what is it?

These are casinos offering games and promotions specially intended for big players. Some operators decide to take particular care of the "high rollers", that is to say players who bet big sums. They offer them VIP clubs consisting of several levels, to which advantages and gifts, as well as table games reserved for high bets.

What games can we play?

In general, le blackjack, poker or baccarat. The minimum and maximum bets are higher than in the classic games: they are in hundreds or even in thousands of dollars. VIPs can also, if they wish, play slot machines, keno or scratching card games.

Who can take advantage of VIP programs?

To become a VIP, you have to play often, and bet significant sums. However, know that VIP clubs of the best casinos have quite accessible levels, even if you do not have a well-stocked bank account. The most important thing to take advantage of VIP benefits is to play regularly on the same site. Whenever you play in real money, you are collecting points that make you change in the VIP program of your site.

What benefit is there to be a VIP?

VIP are entitled to many benefits. According to the sites, you will be able to enjoy special bonuses, boundaries of higher bets, invitations to exclusive events, faster withdrawals, personalized follow-up, and all kinds of gifts.

What are the best sites for big players?

The sites we have selected for you, of course! The quality of VIP programs is one of the many criteria we have taken into account to complete our list of our favorite casinos. We also examined "high limit" games, which will delight casino enthusiasts.

Can we bet what we want, or are there minimal bets?

Yes, all casino games are accompanied by an amount of minimal bet. However, this one is often very low: it can be just a few cents. In the Games reserved for VIP, by contrast, minimum bets are high, to sort the players and to welcome only the real "high rollers".

What are the differences between classic games and Games for VIP?

The amount of minimum and maximum bets is the most striking difference between all-coming online casino games and VIP special tables. And yes, we do not become a VIP like that! VIP programs also offer bonus, wanking and pretoppontoms auxelquel likes the common des melts na pay the pasfer Ilertant, ac dead of he good!