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The basics of the American roulette online

Casino roulette variants online, there are many. It is essential to know them to put all the chances on your side. With our little American roulette guide online, you will be uncomfortable on the subject!

American roulette: discover one of the best online roulette games

Real money American roulette, contrary to what one might think, is not an American invention. In reality, this game is very similar to the original form of the roulette, to which one played in the 18th century in the Parisian playing institutions. It has the particularity of possessing not 37, but 38 boxes, including one zero and a double zero.

Indeed, Online American roulette was imported into the United States and Australia by Australian immigrants in the 19th century, before the Australian roulette does not know a major upheaval, namely the removal of the double zero. This modification aimed to make the game more popular in the European casinos. In the New World, by contrast, we continued to play the online casino roulette version at 38 boxes, and this variant is now available on the best online casinos.

Differences between American roulette online and European roulette

The most flagrant difference between American roulette and other variants, such as the Australian roulette, British or EuropeanIt's double zero. This box has a direct impact on the chances of players as well as the gains they will perceive. Indeed, when one plays on one number, we have a chance on 37 to see just at the Australian roulette, and a chance on 38 to the American roulette. Chances are therefore better to Australian roulette.

With respect to simple probabilities, online rolling casinos have an advantage of the house of 5.25%, while the latter is only 2.70% in Australian or European roulette. Thus, whatever the bet, the American variant gives you lower gain chances to other variants. That's why this free online roulette game is not the most popular on Australia's casinos and around the world.

The rules of online casino roulette

The rules of the game on American roulette casinos are rather simple. A game starts with a set of bet. Using your mouse, select the corresponding tokens that you want to bet, and place them on the virtual roulette table. You have the choice between several bets: the full number, the simple chances, the horseing, the square, the transversal or the dozen.

Then simply click on the "spin" button to operate the cylinder of the roulette. When it stops, the casino software tells you how much you have won. And that's all ! The gain reports are quite classic: a full number gives you 35 times your bet, a swinging 17 times your bet, a square 8 times your bet and a dozen 2 times your bet. With simple chances, you can simply double your bet: it is the safest bet, which we recommend to beginners. It is this simplicity combined with a more than-profit character that makes this variant one of the best online roulette games.

Our Top Free Online Roulette Sites

Online American quality roulette casinos do not run the streets. The good news is that we have some good addresses to tell you: reliable and honest, legal sites in Australia, which offer you the best table games and slot machines. If you want to play seriously for real money, and have a real chance to round off your ends of months, choose one of the casinos of our selection. We advise you to tested them for free, in "demo" mode: you will be able to compare their games and interfaces, and find the ideal operator to play the online casino roulette.

Frequently Asked Questions

No need for passport to play American roulette in Australia. On the other hand, it is better to have read our FAQ to put all the chances on your side!

In two words, what are the rules of American roulette online?

A portion of American roulette takes place like most roulette variants: players put their bet, the croupier activates the roulette, and announces the outgoing number. Online, it's the same thing, in virtual version of course.

Is this game popular in Australia?

Yes very ! All Casinos du Québec and Australia offer this inescapable game. Online, American roulette is also omnipresent on foreign and Australian casino sites. You will not have any trouble playing it!

What are his specificities?

The American roulette online has the peculiarity of its double zero, a box that is neither to the European roulette nor to the Australian roulette. The numbers are not placed in the same way on the cylinder of the roulette.

Are the chances of gains more advantageous for players with other variants?

Unfortunately no ! On the contrary, American roulette is one of the most unfavorable roulette variants to players: the fault of its double zero, which almost multiplies the advantage of the house by two for the bets on simple chances.

Should we use a different strategy?

No not necessarily. Even though American roulette has one more box, bets and gain reports remain the same. However, as the game is more risky than other roulette variants, it is necessary to redouble prudence.

I would like to use the Martingale system with American roulette online ... Is it allowed?

Yes, it's quite allowed. We know that many players love the Martingale, but not us. We do not recommend using it, not because it's illegal, but because this kind of system is not really effective.