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All about European roulette online

With the web revolution, the European roulette has arrived online, for the delight of Australia's silver game lovers. Even if you think more about this variant, read this guide: you will find valuable tips and a list of the best roulette game sites.

European roulette: one of the favorite games of Australian players

Online European roulette is the most classic variant of the game, and it has been popularized in the 19th century by the white brothers, at the Monte-Carlo casino at first, then in the European play rooms. To make the game more attractive to the public, the white brothers have removed one of the 38 boxes of the wheel of the roulette, thus increasing the chances of the players. In "terrestrial" casinos as online, European roulette is thus endowed with only one zero.

In the 20th century, the European variant has established itself as one of the best online roulette games from casino lovers, Europe, the United States and Australia. When the first online silver game sites appeared in the 1990s, so they naturally put the European roulette on the menu. Today, thousands of roulette sites allow you to play this great classic, both in free mode or for real money.

From one variant to another

Online European roulette looks like two drops of water to its Australian counterpart. According to the casinos, some small rules change, but, if you know how to play the Australian rouletteYou can pass without problem with its European twin sister: both have a cylinder with 37 numbers, which means that the gain ratio is the same. Where there is a difference in size, on online casinos, it's between European roulette and American roulette.

The latter does not have 37, but 38 boxes, including a zero and a double zero. For players, it has important consequences because the advantage of the house is stronger. If you play on a full number, for example, you have a chance on 37 to just see the European roulette, and only a chance on 38 to the American roulette. All this explains that European roulette, on online casinos, has much more success than its American cousin. If you like to play for real money, the European version is probably a better choice.

The game's rules

The rules of online casino roulette are simplifies, especially at the sites offering the European variant, where the software guides you at each stage of a game. You must start by making your games by placing your chips on the boxes on the roulette table and corresponding to the numbers you want to bet. Then press the "SPIN" button. The wheel will then swirl, and when it stops, you will know if yes or no you won. Easy as pie ! However, a good idea would be to play free online roulette games to get out.

What is important to know, these are the different ways to bet. The most risky is obviously the full number, which consists in playing a single number. This is also what can report the most. In general, it is better to be content to bet on simple chances, namely on peer or odd, red or black numbers, or missing or passing: it is by far the best strategy for those who are still at the novice stadium. On line casino roulette.

The best European roulette sites online

European roulette sites and online casinos, there are hundreds or even thousands. In order not to have a dishonest operator, follow the advice of our specialists, and register on one of the sites they have selected for you. On the program: Fair games, including free online roulette games, quality software, customer services, and ultra-secure transactions. With our European roulette casinos online, you can not go wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions

To not play Russian roulette with your money, read our FAQ on European Roulette: you will find the answers to all your questions!

How is a part of European roulette?

The principle of online roulette online is very simple: you have to try to guess on which number or on what color the ball will stop. To do this, you have at your disposal several types of bets possible, which are more or less risky.

Is this game known?

Yes, it's the least we can say! The European format is not only very popular, but it is also considered the best roulette game online. Moreover, it is found on almost all institutions that offer table games.

On which sites can we play European roulette?

Almost everywhere, you'll understand it! The whole thing is to choose an honest site, and that is less easy. Browse our list of best online casinos to be sure to play in good conditions.

What are the advantages of this variant, compared to American roulette?

Since it does not have a double zero box, the online roulette online offers more chances of gain than American roulette. We therefore advise you, if you have the choice, opt for this variant and to avoid its American cousin.

What are the most advantageous bets?

We recommend that you avoid risky bets such as bets on 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers, and prefer to place bets on simple chances. By putting on 18 numbers, you have almost a chance on two to win: even if the gains reports are less interesting than in risky bets, you will be more easily winning in the long run.

What strategy do you recommend?

The best strategy is to play intelligently: do not put on which money you can afford to lose, stop playing when you tire or that you are too stressed, and manage your budget with great rigor.

Are there systems specially designed for online roulette online?

Yes. The Martingale and methods like the Andrucci system or the 3/2 system can quite use to European roulette. This is not something we recommend, because these techniques rarely work.