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The SIC Bo: a game of dice worth the detour

The Sic Bo does is an unjustly unknown casino game. This Chinese dice game is proposed by Australia's best online casinos. We have traced the story of this fascinating game, and you offer a selection of Sic Bo sites an exception!

And b a du sic bo

Few casino games use dice. At first glance, the Sic Bo looks a lot like craps, the other big game of as you will find online on the casinos. The SIC Bo is, however, purely a game of chance, unlike craps, where players can show strategy. In addition, in Craps, a game can be played on several dice throws, while the SIC Bo is played at once. If you play real money, you should know that gain ratios vary by casinos; They are always inscribed on the Craps mat.

The principle of SIC Bo is simplifying. At each shot, the player puts on a combination of dice, and places his chips on the table, at the place corresponding to his bet. He wins if he has correctly guessed the result of the three dice. The most ambitious bet, usually paid 150 times the starting start, is called "triple"; It consists of betting on a single number that must appear on the three dice. "Double" works on the same principle, but on two dice only. Many other bets are possible, like "small", "big", "sum", "duo" or "simple". You will have understood: on all online casinos, the SIC Bo is a very simple game. To play it, just know how to count ... and that's all!

However, as it is a pure game of chance, you have to play judiciously, so as not to find you in real money.

A brief history of Sic Bo

The origins of Sic Bo are lost in ancient China. His invention would indeed be earlier than that of the cards to play nearly 2000 years. His rules have probably evolved over time, but we do not have a trace. It seems that initially, the game was playing with two dice, because the name "sic bo" literally means "pair of dice" in Mandarin.

The modern story of the game is better known. It would have indeed landed in the United States in the suitcases of the Chinese come to participate in the construction of the Transcontinental Railway. We are far from Sic Bo online casinos in real money! For decades, the SIC Bo remained a secret well kept by Chinese immigrants. It was discovered in the middle of the 20thth The century by the American players, who immediately adopted it, modified its rules, and renamed it "Chuck-a-Luck".

The original game, however, remained popular in the Chinese gambling rooms around the world, and especially in the former Portuguese colony of Macao, located south of China. The first casinos are also appeared at the end of the 19th Century, and the Sic BO was, of course, one of the stars. On the other side of the Pacific, the traditional Sic Bo entered the casinos of Las Vegas. Today, even if it is less known than Craps or Roulette, the SIC Bo has established itself as one of the best real money games on Australia's best online casinos. It is now within easy reach ... to test as soon as possible!

Our favorite addresses to play Sic Bo in real money

Finding a casino with sic bo online is not necessarily simple. Operators, there are hundreds, good, excellent, mediocre, and very bad, and too many are the Internet users who are trapped by the sirens of dishonest sites. It is therefore to avoid you many disappointments that we have traveled the canvas looking for the best sites.

On your side, you only have to pick up in our selection of online casinos with Sic Bo, and register. A real breeze! The operators we have chosen for you, of course, excellent actual Sic Bo games, but not only. They also offer you generous bonuses, to give you a little boost, have unparalleled customer services, in case you have any questions, and secure all your transactions, so you can play in peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

You want chance to smile? So read without delay the expert answers from our team to the questions of our readers ... and become an Ace of Sic Bo online!

What is the principle of SIC Bo?

The SIC Bo is a Chinese dice game. He is played with three dice. The goal of the game is to properly bet on the result of a dice throw. As with roulette, many bets are possible. For example, it is possible to bet on the sum of the three dice, on two different numbers to appear on two of the three dice, or on a single number.

Can I play Sic Bo in real money?

Yes, of course, otherwise we will not talk about it! Even the SIC Bo is not the most popular casino game in Australia, it is present on many online casinos. You can play real money, or test it in "fictitious silver" mode, without taking risks.

Which casino do you advise me?

Good Casinos of Sic Bo, we know several. All may not be suitable for you, however. That's why we advise you to test in free mode the sites of our selection, to find the rare pearl.

How to start?

First, choose a quality casino, which offers Sic Bo. Create an account, and drop funds to enjoy your bonus. Before playing real money, we recommend that you train in demo mode. Once you feel ready to go to serious things, play real money!

Are there Sic Bo strategies?

The SIC Bo is a total game game; There is therefore no strategy, such as card counting in blackjack, allowing you to improve your chances. The most important thing, in our opinion, is to handle your play capital, and prefer prudent bets.

How to win the SIC Bo?

To win the SIC Bo, it takes first and foremost luck! Some small tips will allow you to optimize your chances: bet small sums and choose the less risky bets.

Is there a way to guess the results?

No. If it were possible, it would be herself! On the other hand, we can adopt good reflexes to gain as much money as possible. The management of your play capital is an essential point: it makes all the difference between a happy player and a dry player.

Play online safely, it's possible?

Yes of course. Simply choose an honest operator, which is regulated by a serious authority and secures the transactions.

Are games really fair?

Yes. The best operators use effective random numbers generators, which create chance and guarantee the equity of dice prints.