Online casinos with bank transfer

And if, instead of paying by credit card or opening an electronic portfolio, you feed your casino account by bank transfer? To learn how to do, read our little bank transfer guide for the online casino. You will find the excellent advice of our experts, as well as a selection of the best websites.

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The bank transfer: a classic payment method

The bank transfer, you certainly know. This is one of the payment methods the most widespread, in canada as in all countries of the world. money is simply paid since your bank account on the bank account of the person or the beneficiary company. so you can also make a mobile transfer to an employee or online shop ... and, of course, to a virtual casino! the majority of online silver gaming sites accept ca dollar bank transfers, which is convenient if you do not want to get your bank card out of your wallet.

Feed an online casino account by bank transfer

To make a bank transfer to an online casino, you must be in possession of your account number of your operator. In some cases, casinos indicate this number on their site, on the "Means of Payment" page. If you have trouble finding this information, customer service, which will probably be a pleasure to inform you. The vast majority of online casinos accept bank transfers.

Then you have several solutions. If you have an online banking space, log in, and make the bank transfer to your online casino by finding the necessary information. It is without a doubt the most practical method. If you do not have virtual banking space, it may be time to ask your banker to open up one! Otherwise, you can call your bank or go to make your transfer. However, it is rather restrictive, you will agree.

The bank transfer is one of the most reliable means of payment.

The benefits of bank transfers

The bank transfer is an extremely safe way of payment. In fact, it is probably one of the most reliable payment methods in the world. Indeed, when you make a transfer, you give the order directly to your bank to launch the transaction, without addressing you to a third party and without entrusting your confidential banking information to your casino. Without your permission, it's simple, no transfer is possible! This solution is ideal for the most worried about us, who want to play online casino without taking a risk.

We do not hide it, the transfer is not a champion of speed. You will have to wait at least two working days so that money will reach your casino account. It's not the sea to drink, of course, but you still have to know how to be patient. Withdrawals by bank transfer, from an online casino, also take at least a few days; Deadlines vary by operator.

Faster transfers is possible

If you do not want to wait, know that there are alternative solutions to make bank transfers on online casinos. Some companies, such as Citadel Commerce or Idebit, to name it, offer the services of fast and safe bank transfers.

The principle is simple: just create an account, which is fast and free, to be able to perform instantaneous transfers directly from your bank account. This is an excellent solution if you are in a hurry. Know, however, that this type of bank transfer on an online casino is usually paid, even if the costs remain quite reasonable.

Our selection of the best Australian web casinos

Finding a quality silver games site is not an easy task. Online casinos accepting bank transfers, there is a lot, it's true, but all are not reliable or honest. Register on the first Casino Venu is exposed to real dangers: computer viruses, scams, rigged games and misleading promotions, we pass and the best.

to avoid all these pitfalls, opt for one of the operators we have tested and approved. on these sites, you will find everything you need to play in all serenity: a wide choice of Real cash gamesfrom blackjack to leaflet machines through roulette, pai gow and red dog, bank transfer payments, customer services to top, pretty cards, and juicy bonuses. with all that, you should shoot your game!

Frequently Asked Questions

A bank transfer, what is it?

The bank transfer is a transfer of money between two bank accounts. To transfer money by bank transfer to an online casino, you must give the transfer order to your bank, which will pay the amount of your choice to your beneficiary's account.

How it works ?

There are several ways to make a bank transfer. You can go to your bank, launch your bank transfer on your online banking area, or use a service like iDebit or Citadel.

Is it possible to transfer money on a casino account?

Yes of course ! However, you must have the bank account number of your operator. If you do not find it on your casino, do not hesitate to customer service.

Is it safe?

Yes, you can hardly make sure that bank transfers, since you do not entrust your banking information to your operator.

Are deposits and withdrawals are fast?

Yes and no, it depends. With services like iDebit or Citadel, transfers are instantaneous. Otherwise, you will have to wait two working days at a minimum. Withdrawals always take more time than deposits.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bank transfer?

Bank transfers have the advantage of being completely free, which is not the case for the majority of other means of payment. They are also extremely safe. On the other hand, they are slower than payments by credit card or electronic portfolio.