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When paying online, it is normal to want the transaction to be processed immediately - and that's what happens when you drop funds with USEMYBANK on a quality casino, like our darling Jackpot City With USEMYBANK. UseMyBank works with a Queni account connecting directly to the customer's bank account. Online casino deposits via USEMYBANK are instantaneous: so it's a perfect method of payment for playing on the online casinos, in Australia and around the world.

Playing on the sites of our selection is to enjoy excellent security conditions:

  • Deposits and withdrawals are secured using advanced techniques.
  • All your personal and banking data are protected.
  • The games are equitable thanks to the use of random numbers generators.

All USEMYBANK casinos appearing on our list have been tested for a long time by our online casino experts. Safety, quality, variety of games, compatibility with mobiles, bonuses and promotions: We have examined the sites of A to Z to find the best web!

USEMYBANK's service and availability

Online casinos USEMYBANK use a fairly unique method for deposits because they connect directly to your bank account. The only two requirements for using the service is that you must have a bank account and access online banking. By registering for UseMyBank, you will be asked to provide your banking information, which will be kept completely safe on the company's system. Once an online casino deposit via USEMYBANK started, the money will be removed from the bank account and then credited to the player's online account. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and it is possible to start playing immediately.

Australia is one of the main countries that use UseMyBank, and this allows Australian customers to easily use the service. Fund transfers are very common on online casinos that accept UseMyBank, and this means that the company is very familiar with the process. If questions arise, customer service can help immediately, solve the problem and assist in the completion of the process so that the player can jump into the casino action quickly. Special bonuses can also apply, and they are allocated with the first hand or the first action that the player performs on the selected website.

Casino security online with USEMYBANK

When online payment processing services have become widespread, one of the first companies to offer this service was USEMYBANK. Over the years, the company has remained on the lookout for the latest technology in order to constantly improve customer security and accelerate the processing of fund transfers. UseMyBank is now one of the most widely used services in Great Britain and Australia, whether for online casinos, or other activities.

Customers continue to use USEMYBANK because of the process of the process that is as simple as paying an invoice from an online bank account. In addition, there is no transaction fee for online casino deposits USEMYBANK, which is rare among payment processing companies. Players can also withdraw funds with the same process, which other services do not. The entire process is transparent and accepted by the banks, and the account information of the players are therefore safe. Its popularity among online casino players continues to grow.

Make a deposit on one of our best online casinos with USEMYBANK today and get ready to play excellent online casino games.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many electronic payment solutions that are sometimes lost ... Here, in 8 questions, all you need to know about Usemybank.

How does UseMyBank work?

UseMyBank is a system that allows you to pay online safely, taking funds from a bank account. It is a Australian payment solution that is actually returning to making a very fast bank transfer.

What are the advantages ?

With USEMYBANK, you do not pay the online store directly: the system serves as an intermediary between the merchant and your bank account. Unlike a conventional transfer, USEMYBANK allows fast transfers.

How to register ?

There is no need to register or open an account to benefit from this service. It is the merchants who take care of it.

Can we deposit money on an online casino?

You can quite pour money on your casino account by bank transfer. All sites offer this option, even if all do not use USEMYBANK.

Is USEMYBANK accepted by many online casinos?

All online casinos do not use the USEMYBANK system, which is typically Australian. You can always opt for a traditional transfer or for one of the many other proposed payment solutions.

Is it safe?

Yes, UseMyBank is very safe, as safe as conventional transfers.

What are the costs?

The service is free for users. Fees are paid by merchants and casino operators.

How to remove my gains?

Most casinos allow you to withdraw your gains by bank transfer. It is sometimes possible to use another removal mode, such as electronic portfolios.