Color Me Community, LPTM’s culture-shifting and equity-building initiative, is a series of workshops and conversations for people of all backgrounds and identities to safely grapple with issues that deeply divide and separate us.

The result of Life Pieces’ more than 27 years of experience in human development, Color Me CommunityTM (CMC) workshops provide a nurturing and nonjudgmental environment for people of all races to safely grapple with issues that deeply divide and separate us from one another. These highly interactive workshops facilitate participants in exploring the lenses through which they see life; and without guilt, blame or shame, identify the “isms” that keep them from being fully connected to others who do not share their race, nationality, beliefs, lifestyles, or socio-economic status.

These same workshops that our youth, staff, and families all participate in have been adapted into workshops for businesses, government agencies, and community organizations to build a stronger, more connected culture of environment in their organizations. CMC workshops have consistently enabled individuals across cultures to explore racial equity, inclusion and implicit biases in such a way that they can begin to see and experience themselves and others as an integral and valued part of shared humanity.

Clients have included:

  • The World Bank
  • The U.S. State Department
  • The Bureau of Northern Ireland
  • Spark Point Fundraising
  • The DC Arts Institute for Creative Advancement
  • Sitar Arts Center
  • The Theatre Lab
  • A DC Council Member’s Office
  • The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)
  • The National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY)
  • Artists, activists, educators, and community leaders from DC, the US, and 50+ countries.

Who can benefit? Corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies can advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within their organizations, enabling individuals across cultures to explore equity and implicit biases that hinder their ability to see and experience themselves and others as a valued part of shared humanity.

Who can benefit? Businesses, corporations, government agencies and institutions, community and faith- based organizations. Workshops are tailored to fit the needs for unconscious bias conversation, community building, team building, and staff development. At the end of the workshop, participants collaborate to create art work in the Life Pieces art style. Contact Andrew Blickle at, if your organization or community would like to learn more about these inspirational and motivational workshops!

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Kabir Mokamel, an artist and activist from Afghanistan, remarked after a May 2019 Color Me Community workshop on generating social change through the arts: “The work you are doing is beyond words. I feel honoured and lucky to have met such soulful beings. I would love to develop my skills further and look at the adaptability of some of the methods that you are applying in your school in the wider context of Afghan society.”

About Kabir Mokamel

Color Me Community in schools

LPTM’s “Color Me Community” in-school program piloted during the 2021-22 school year at Dr. Charles R. Drew Elementary School, shifting the school’s culture of environment towards a more holistic, relationship-driven social-emotional approach. Combining more than two decades of youth development through LPTM’s Human Development System with the powerful structure of Color Me Community, students, teachers, and administration alike discover their innate power, their unique gifts, and their ability to build a strong community together.

In spring 2023, LPTM facilitated a Color Me Community workshop for student ambassadors at Manassas Park High School, where student leaders gained insight into how to mindfully and respectfully step into leadership roles at their school, welcoming new students and newly resettled families in Manassas Park.

Creating Art… Changing Lives.

With love, security, and expression, each of us can become a masterpiece.