In 1996, Larry Quick, an artist born and raised in Ward 7’s Kenilworth Parkside & Kenilworth Courts public housing community, decided Black boys needed a space to express themselves. LPTM was co-founded in the Ward 7 Lincoln Heights public housing community by Larry together with Mary Brown, a highly regarded advocate for youth, and Ben Johnson, a skilled fundraiser. Over the next two decades, Life Pieces has evolved from an after school arts engagement activity for seven boys to a comprehensive nonprofit organization recognized as a leading model for the development of African American boys and young men living in marginalized communities.

Join us and help ensure that every child in our community has a strong support system and the prospect of big dreams and a bright future. Learn more about our programs.


Mary Brown, Ben Johnson, and Larry Quick – Image provided by Kristian Whipple

Creating Art… Changing Lives.

With love, security, and expression, each of us can become a masterpiece.