“Life Pieces is always a place for hope, in my opinion.” – Brother Cateo


As our junior mentor Brother Cateo shared in an incredible story in Bittersweet Monthly last week, we remain joyful, hopeful, and connected despite any circumstances we face. Cateo, who has been in Life Pieces since he was 4 years old, reflects on his experiences growing up in Life Pieces and his responsibility as a leader and mentor for others, in the “Ordinary Story” podcast. Hear their stories, as Cateo talks about the positive cycle of mentoring. Listen to Tory’elle, who works with Cateo in the Kings class, discuss his vision for the world: “As a community, we should be as a whole – if something happens, we should have each others’ backs.” And hear Brother DaQuann, our Tree House Lead Teacher, who joined Life Pieces as a Tree House Apprentice himself, share how his mentors in life inspire him as an educator, as he shares all the gifts he was given with the world.

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